Life at Springworks: A Day In The Life of An SDE Intern 

Meet Aryan Gupta. He is from a town called Kalpi which is located near Kanpur. Aryan completed his higher secondary education in Kanpur. He is currently pursuing his bachelor’s in technology in CS from GLA University, Mathura. At Springworks, he works as an SDE Intern.

Let’s have a look at his journey!

 What do you do as an SDE Intern at Springworks?

As an SDE intern, I work for SpringHire as a backend developer. My work as a backend developer is to create Rest APIs, database models and also create a flow on how users will interact with the UI. I look after fulfilling the client’s requirements on a priority as the end goal is to have happy clients. Interacting with clients helps me to formulate points and work on things based on the needs of the clients in their respective projects.

Why did you choose Springworks and how has your journey been so far?

I read a lot about the company and I felt this was the right place for me. I joined Springworks in March 2022 and I am inching close to completing a year with Springworks. Till today, I have learned a lot of things and this internship has helped me to do things in the right direction. The cultural values at Springworks have helped me to pave the right path for doing work, I have learned how to own my work and also how to be productive throughout the day. Furthermore, learning new skills and upskilling myself will help me become a good full-stack developer.

What do you like the most about your work?

Being a part of SpringHire is great. For every task, there is something new to learn and take back after all the challenges and blockers faced. Solving these challenges in a given time frame and performing better in the next task gives me an adrenaline rush. I love working with my team. Springworks provides great opportunities and the management always comes up with great initiatives that just push people to give in their best. Every day is fun working here. 

How was your Onboarding and Hiring process?

Every single step was detailed and structured. Irrespective of being async and remote, I never felt out of the loop. Someone or another from the team always followed up and kept checking if anything was needed. The best part is the CEO of the company being part of WhatsApp groups and connecting with all the new joiners. The company truly follows “Empathy begins at Home”. My onboarding and hiring process was seamless. Starting with my telephonic interview to my final round of discussion, everything was quick. There were clear instructions with respect to documentation, what happens next and details regarding the first day. The Employee Handbook had answers to every query a person might have. This shows the efforts and thought processes of the team.

My Background Verification was smooth and structured. There were clear instructions and there was also a support number in case of any queries. The hiring team and HR were always helpful and quick with their responses. I realized I would learn a lot here as I loved the aspect of async communication. Moving ahead, I had my buddy and manager meet. These were great as it eases the anxiousness of new joiners.

On my first day, I was very excited and the orientation by Rohan was great. There was clarity in everything and the system orientation was handy. I met my team and also received a KT on my work and schedule. 

Walk us through your day, Aryan

I start my day at 9:30 AM and I start work by 10:30 AM. I do take an hour to refresh and get ready for work. Firstly I create a list of work that is pending or the ones that have to be done on a priority. Then, I follow up with other tasks. Somedays, there are stand-up calls and on those days I communicate and bond with my team on all the work that we had done, what are the upcoming tasks and check if there are any blockers in any tasks. I extend my work a little on days when there are calls or huddles. I finish my work by 7:30 PM or sometimes even 8 PM. After work, I work on upskilling myself with problem-solving tasks and learning new tech stacks.

What has been your favorite moment at Springworks? 

Every day I strive to get my best and deliver things on time. But there are a few days when work goes really well and you receive feedback and appreciation. When I get appreciated for all the hard work that I put into the projects is one of the best moments that I can have.

 What have been your greatest learnings and challenges so far?

I have learned a lot of things. There were many tasks and challenges at hand. I remember these particular tasks which mounted to my biggest learning and challenge at work to date. There was a task on one of our projects which was to set up a stripe payment system that is custom to subscriptions. In the early days, I had to struggle as it was difficult and looked impossible to complete. I was unable to do a simple payment from the platform and moreover, I had to customize them on four types of subscriptions. I researched, and sought help and alas after putting in a lot of effort I was able to complete it. 

What’s your personal favorite between EngageWith and Trivia?

I am leaning towards EngageWith as recognition for a particular task or hard work is a must for any organization. It not only fosters a healthy work environment but also motivates me to strive and grow. 

Sneak – Peek into your life outside Springworks!

Outside of Springworks, I am a gamer. I play a lot of “Valorant ” which is a pc game. Well, it only is fun but also adds to my decision-making capabilities which in turn helps me at work. 

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