How to Make Your Commute Productive and Interesting [Infographic]

According to a 2012 study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, people with longer commutes had higher blood pressure, bigger waistlines, and were less fit than those who worked closer to home.

Whether you drive, take a cab or bus, or walk, you spend a lot of time commuting. 

Do you find commuting annoying and uncomfortable? Do you think people who live close to the office are lucky?

But it’s unavoidable. 

If you change your thinking, you can turn your negative commuting experience into a positive one.

So stop scrolling your Facebook or Twitter feed and use that time to start your day positively.

In this infographic, you’ll find 7 Amazing ways to make your commute productive and interesting.

How to Make Your Commute Productive [Infographic]

how to make your commute productive

1. Get Some Simple Tasks Done

A bus or cab commute is perfect to get some simple (not so important) tasks done. Check your emails (and reply), review presentations, and check out some industry news.

This exercise will help you focus on important things for the rest of your day.

2. Create Your To-Do List

Write down your five priorities for the day. Be specific and realistic. Creating a to-do list can help you understand where you need to focus your energy and time.

You can use tools like Evernote to make notes or lists.

3. Brainstorm Ideas

Commuting time is great for brainstorming. This time is completely free of disturbances. Use this time to do some planning and tap into your creativity.

Working on a difficult project? Try to discover solutions to a problem or explore new ideas.

4. Listen to Podcasts

You like reading but it may not be the most comfortable activity while traveling. In this case, podcasts or audiobooks can be your friends. You will learn, and your commute time will fly!

You can also listen to work-related, inspirational, or personal growth podcasts.

Here are some podcasts recommendations

5. Read a Book

“A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.” -Chinese proverb

I spend one to two hours a day on public transportation, and I consider this my prime reading time. And as an avid reader, I love this time extra time for reading.

You can also read books on your phone (kindle app or Google books) when you don’t get a seat. 🙂

6. Mental Well-being Exercise

Your commute might be the only “ME TIME” you have. Use this time to do something for your mental wellness. Do journaling or evaluating your actions and habits. You can also try deep breathing or a simple meditation technique.

7. Do Nothing

Sometimes you need to give your brain some rest to recharge it. Probably you’re reading, listening, and engaging too much.

Sit in silence, turn off your phone, music, and close the book. And just sit there doing nothing. Be present in the moment.

Your Thoughts?

It’s not about having enough time, it’s about how you spend the time you have.

Try these ideas to make your commute time productive. Do you have any other tips? Drop your thoughts in the comment section.

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