How to Grow Your Team

Growing Your Team: A Guide to Hiring Team Members and Team Management

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to develop a young, dynamic, and productive team? Or are you a manager who is assigned the task of developing and managing teams

Despite your answer, the skills and strategies required to grow and manage a team are mostly similar. In start-ups and most medium to small-sized firms, usually, one person needs to hire, train, and lead a team. If you are that person, learn how to work with groups and how to make them work. 

Growing a team means hiring the right employees at the right time and for the appropriate positions. The things that can help you in selecting the best people for your organization are listed below:

Training Needs

Identifying the Right Talent

  • Identifying people with the necessary skills to perform a job role better is indeed a talent. However, that is not enough. You must also know how to train and groom them according to your workplace culture.

Organise Customised Training Programs 

  • Determine the areas where your present team is lagging and impart the necessary training to overcome those hurdles. 
  • Also, set up a different training program for various job roles. For example, you cannot train individuals hired for sales and production teams similarly.

Create Training Programs to Overcome Shortcomings 

Training Methods

Create Multiple Training Methods

  • Once you analyse the training needs, focus on the execution part. For that, you can create multiple training methods and implement them one by one or at once. For instance, a group of 9 newly recruited people can be divided into a group of 3. 
  • Now, each group can be enrolled in a different training method, and their performance can be measured after initiating their work. Over time, it will help you to determine the best training method for growing your team.

On Floor Training 

  • Discuss with trainers and trainees to find the best training method for your organisation. You may also include an on-job training process to align the new employees with their duties. For that, you will ask your existing team members to guide or work alongside them. 
  • Their experience and knowledge will undoubtedly help you build a strong team. It will also bring a better collaboration between new and old staff.


Practical Guidance & Grooming 

  • Mentoring is essential for growing a team that is dedicated and motivated to achieve success for your organisation. 
  • Mentoring is not only about describing the duties and showing how to execute them practically. It also means grooming team members by discussing their goals and determining their willingness to learn. You will have to introduce them to reality and show them the path to achieving their goals.

Teaching About Values & Goals 

  • As a team leader, you should provide them with equal opportunities and options that help them meet their professional goals. While mentoring them, don’t forget to align them with the objectives of your organisation. 
  • Teach them your team’s values and make them realize the benefits of cooperation, teamwork, and collaboration. Develop problem-solving skills in them as it will be fruitful for growing your team that learns from challenges.

Team Management

Following these team management skills will help you while growing your team: 

●        Delegate specific tasks to experienced members instead of burdening yourself with all the responsibilities. Assist and guide them in completing the assigned tasks with precision. 

●        Impart time-management skills to the members and understand how to complete a project or task in the stipulated time. 

●        Provide or create a communication platform to ensure fluent conversations between teams and team members. 

●        Incorporate modern applications like Slack Workspace and achieve collaboration between teams via public and private channels. 

●        Encourage team-building activities to strengthen the bond between team members.


For growing your team consistently, ensure that comprehensive talent acquisition and management plan is in place. Identify people with special skills, groom them, and provide them with opportunities to grow and prove their talent. 

Work cohesively with your talent acquisition or HR team to avoid complacent people from entering the organization. Implement succession planning strategies so that the older staff motivate and pass on their skills to the newer talent. 

Creating a well-planned sales pitch for attracting the right set of individuals in your team is also crucial in this whole process. Adhering to some of the tips mentioned above and strategies will aid you while growing your team that outshines other teams.

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