EngageWith at Fountane: YES, Happy Teams Indeed Breeds a Great Company Culture


About Fountane:

Fountane is a digital product studio and a venture business that helps up-starts and small businesses to realize their potential. Fountane helps businesses scale from 0 to 1 by equipping them with a superior product focused on rapid prototyping. 





Minneapolis, Minnesota




  1. Build a culture of appreciation, motivate people, and get the best out of their people 

  2. A solid birthday and work anniversary notification instead of traditional calendar suggestions

  3. Gather regular feedback from their people and address them then and there 

  4. Understand how willing employees are to recommend their workplace to their family or friends. Take corrective action towards the lagging indicators. 




Q: Hi, Aditya. Thanks for joining us. Let’s start with your onboarding experience. 


Hi, thank you for roping me in.


Before EngageWith, we were using Bonusly, which was a kind of hit and a miss. 


That’s when I came across EngageWith. As soon as I signed up, there was a Dedicated Account Manager assigned to us. 


The entire onboarding was a breeze and took less than 10 minutes—a really good experience. 


Plus, we have a common Slack channel where all our doubts, concerns, and hurdles are addressed and closed in a blink of an eye.


Even better, whenever we go out of depth – their team offers us cool ideas and solutions in our journey towards building an awesome culture.


Simply WOW! 


Q: Great. How EngageWith helps you with your goal towards building a strong culture of recognition? 


We’re at a time of war over talents out there.


And at Fountane, we understand that to acquire and retain the top performers – employee recognition should be our everyday norm. 


I still remember when the first kudos went out in the channel. Almost everyone in the company dropped in to appreciate the individual. 


It helps us build trust and respect among the members of the workforce. 


In addition, employees get a means to learn and praise their peers’ strengths and unique qualities.


I am really happy with the recognition-first culture we are building here, and the potential looks very, very promising. 


Q: Furthermore, what about birthday and work anniversary reminders? How did EngageWith change the game? 


Birthday and work anniversary reminders were, in fact, a big headache before EngageWith came in. 


Earlier we used Google Calendars reminder. And guess what, we mostly missed to wish our peers due to inconsistency. 


But now, EngageWith automatically notifies everyone on the #general channel with @ mentions. 


This way, the entire company comes together to throw an awesome celebration. 


I believe such occasions play a big role in leaving a positive impact not just on that day but as long they are with us. 


Q: How much did Pulse Survey help you build trust with your people? 


Checking into our people frequently has helped us stay ahead of the curve. 


And Pulse Surveys’ short, quick-to-answer questions made it even easier for us. 


As everything happens inside Slack, all people have to do is simply respond and get back to what they were doing. Effortless! 


All it takes is less than 5 minutes. Yet, it empowers us to get deeper insights into employee pain points and concerns.


It has helped us skip the traditional SURVEY FATIGUE making it the best method to understand my people and improve engagement levels. 


Q: Tell us more about eNPS. How did it help you understand where you and your employees stand as a company? 


We believe employee happiness isn’t a one-time business. 


With employee engagement and satisfaction being the two pillars, eNPS helps us strengthen the latter even further. 


As the survey answers are anonymous, it gave more reasons for our people to participate with an open mind and voice their opinions freely without any bias. 


With no formal reminders, we achieved 100% response rates. And we received our survey results in less than 3 hours. 


The scores helped us understand employee satisfaction, loyalty, and happiness while referring us to someone they know. 


I am sure when run quarterly, this can help us build the culture we always wanted at Fountane.

📝 Our take


We work with teams to ensure they’re getting the most out of their people and building a great culture in the process. 

And the key takeaway is – you too can build one.

Just drop a comment below or simply schedule a demo >> here <<. 

Our team will get in touch with you soon. 

And hey, thank you for reading! 

Team EngageWith. 

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