Employee Training and Development Programs

Top 6 Examples of Employee Training and Development Programs

In a world where new opportunities are emerging every other minute, you need to provide your employees with the best possible professional environment. This environment helps them grow and do their best every single day.

The most optimum way to do this is to train your staff and employees regularly via training and development programs. For example, an employee or a staff member is like a growing plant; if you nurture it the right way with proper care and tools, it will yield fruits, in some cases, the sweetest ones.

Hence, training and development programs are a good investment in your company’s human resources that will eventually pay off.

Here are some benefits that the employees and the employers derive from training and development programs:

Employees gains:

  • Career advancement
  • Self-development
  • Better finances
  • Enhanced productivity

Employer gains:

  • Profit and growth
  • Reduced attrition rate
  • Good reputation
  • Skilled workers

Let’s try and understand some examples of training and development programs for employees. Then, using these examples from the industry leaders, you will have a fair understanding of the how, the what, and the when of a typical training and development program for an employee.

Employee Training and Development Programs Examples

Training and Development Program #1: Pixar

There is a reason why Pixar leads the industry in animated filmmaking, and the reason is simple. They care and nurture their employees through their training and development programs.

Pixar University, a unique way of training employees, offers classes for various disciplines. It helps reinforce the mindset that any professional growth comes with learning while encouraging the directors to develop into their own hands.

Training and Development Program #2: Culture Amp

Culture Amp has developed a unique program called “Coaching for Everyone” where each employee has access to a professional coach who will be personally invested in their growth.

The training and development sessions are planned every 6, 12, and 24 months and are customized to every employee’s current needs or professional goals. Depending on this, the coaches then develop a personalized plan and guide each employee to meet their set goals.

Training and Development Program #3: Optoro

There’s another unique way that Optoro has adopted to train their employees, and it is probably the simplest of the lot. They encourage their employees to attend seminars, conferences and learning events that will help them rise to the top of their field. Employees are awarded a development budget for being used throughout the calendar year.

The employees work with their reporting managers and other heads to decide which training and development programs are appropriate for them.

Let’s now understand some giants’ training and development programs that we hear about almost every day.

Training and Development Program #4: Etsy

We have all heard about Etsy; however, we all need to understand how well-rounded their training and development programs are. Their offerings combine scientific methods that include organizational psychology, adult learning theory, and sociology. The result is a personalized learning program.

Additionally, along with conventional learning opportunities, their employees can access various online resources and coaching programs.

Through this approach, the employees don’t just remain employees but evolve into lifelong learners and teachers. The participants can learn about hard and soft skills development and enhance their critical skills in organization, leadership, and perseverance.

Training and Development Program #5: Amazon

The onboarding process at Amazon is in itself a well-thought training and development program. New hires take part in a training journey that prepares them for the challenges that they will face in the fast-paced business environment. This also allows the new employee to acclimate to their work culture, build their confidence, and enhance their capabilities.

Since 2012, Amazon has been providing different training and development programs for all its employees at different levels in their career path. Like the Career Choice program that provides access to educational benefits and offers tuition and fee coverage and textbook reimbursement rates up to 95%.

Apart from this, in 2019, Amazon pledged to commit over $700 million to retain their team members. The aim was to upskill their employees and provide the non-technical workers with access to technical training. With that, the Amazon Technical Academy was born that allows the employees to enhance their capabilities further.

The best part about such training and development programs is that they are a win-win for both the employers and the employees.

Training and Development Program #6: AT&T 

Employees at AT&T can access the training and development programs in two ways. First, through the tuition assistance program that makes college affordable for its workforce. Second, there are internal employee training and development programs that give them a chance to upskill significantly.

The AT&T University offers executive-led training programs that focus on subjects like management and leadership and offers other learning opportunities. For this, they have partnered with Udacity to develop online, self-paced courses that allow their employees access to learnings in data analytics and mobile development.

AT&T has also partnered with Georgia Tech and Udacity and has assisted in creating the Master of Science in Computer Science program—the first of its kind.

As mentioned earlier, it benefits not only the employees but also the employer.

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By creating thoughtful training and development programs, your company can build a deep trust with your employees, resulting in a synergic relationship, which will last longer and be mutually beneficial.

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