Motivational TED Talks for Remote Employees

10 Motivational TED Talks for Employees Working Remotely

Motivation is critical for the success of an employee. Employees need to stay motivated to remain ahead of the competition and deliver their best to the organization. As most employees have been working remotely for over a year now, the work environment and the situations have changed dramatically. So it is important for them to hear the best TED talks for workplace.

Employees could meet with their colleagues and managers; now, they have to work from their homes, where losing motivation is difficult.

Employees working remotely are not under the direct supervision of the managers and need to be fed the inspiration to perform well. That is why we have these ten best TED talks for workplace that would help the employees stay motivated when working remotely.

Let us see the 10 Motivational TED Talks for Employees.

1. How to stop languishing and start finding flow | Adam Grant

Adam Grant takes the audience through the problem of languishing and procrastination and motivates them to find the flow in daily life. He points out three ways to overcome the obstacle while working and how to make it fruitful.

2. How to Manage for Collective Creativity | Linda Hill

Linda Hill emphasizes that at the core of innovation is a paradox. To be successful in the workplace, the employer has to bring forth the talents and skills of many people and then unite them into a single work. 

3. The Power of Vulnerability | Brene Brown

Brene Brown talks about the power of empathy and in making human connections among employees. The feeling of love, respect, belonging, sharing, etc., plays a major role in making remote employees work well and be successful. 

4. Try Something New for 30 days | Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts motivates the listeners to try something they have always wanted to do for 30 days in this TED talk. As a remote worker, you wanted to do a lot of things but never could start with. So, the solution is to commit for 30 days indulging in the activity you have enjoyed to take out time for. 

5. What Reality are you Creating for Yourself | Issac Lidsky

In this TED talk, Isaac Lidsky is asking the audience to create reality for themselves. We all confront unexpected failures, challenges, and hardships in our lives. Isaac suggests that we are responsible and the decision-makers to decide how to confront these and create the reality for ourselves. 

6. The Happy Secret to Better Work | Shawn Achor

In this entertaining talk, psychologist Shawn Achor suggests that people often believe that they need to work to be happy. But he suggests you think from a different viewpoint: only if we are happy can we be productive as remote workers. 

7. All it Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes | Andy Puddicombe

Mindfulness Guru, Andy Puddicombe, asks the audience to remember a time when they did nothing for the whole 10 minutes. According to him, spending 10 minutes doing absolutely nothing, not talking, thinking, texting, or anything else, can refresh the mind and make it more productive for remote workers. 

8. How to Succeed? Get More Sleep | Arianna Huffington

In this talk, Marianna emphasizes the importance of getting enough sleep for a remote worker’s success. When an employee sleeps well, their mind becomes strong, making good decisions and getting new ideas. If an employee is without enough sleep, their choices are not accurate, ending up making mistakes. 

9. The Psychology of Self Motivation | Scott Geller

Scott Geller, a professor at Virginia Tech, emphasizes the importance of self-motivation and its power to change one’s life. Outside motivation is good but is not lasting. According to him, the power and feeling within oneself drive an employee to work harder and achieve results. 

10. Looking Past Limits | Caroline Casey

Caroline Casey, an activist, talks about her extraordinary life transformation and inspires the audience to go beyond their limits and to achieve what they want in life. She says that we only have the limitations we think we have. It is we who decide how far we should go. 


Employees working remotely need that extra energy and motivation to perform well. We hope that these bestTED talks for workplace will help your remote workers. Watching these will give them that added enthusiasm and inspiration to go forward and perform to the fullest of their abilities.

These talks are from well-known and profound speakers who have experience in their respective fields. Listening to them is all free, offering many positive insights and strengths for your remote employees.

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