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How To Use Smart Video To Develop Employee Engagement and Intimacy In The Remote Workplace

The COVID 19 pandemic changed how people interact in the remote workplace. Since many employees are now working from home, they no longer get time to interact with their colleagues.

For this reason, employee engagement and intimacy levels in remote workplaces have been dipping.

When we talk of employee engagement, we refer to an employee’s emotional commitment to a business.

Even though companies try to use traditional video chat platforms to connect with employees, they still prove insufficient in developing employee engagement and intimacy in remote workplaces.

It is because traditional video chat platforms lack many quality features that are useful in developing an engagement with employees.

But How Do We Build Employee Engagement And Intimacy?

One may wonder how to develop employee engagement and intimacy in the remote workplace. The answer is simple, through intelligent video platforms.

Employees connect with their coworkers more engagingly and intimately through innovative video platforms.

They can do this through slide show presentations and transcripts enabled in intelligent video platforms. Making slideshows is also accessible through an online slideshow maker.

In today’s article, we will discover more about using smart video to develop employee engagement and intimacy in the remote workplace.

But before we get into the main agenda of the article, it would be best if we looked at the difference between traditional video chat and innovative video platforms.

Differences Between Smart Video Platforms And Traditional Video Chat

To know how we can use intelligent video platforms, we must differentiate them from traditional video chat.

Only by knowing the difference will we better understand intelligent video.

Traditional video chat has become a significant part of our work and personal interactions. By using it, we can communicate with our colleagues and friends.

Even though video chat is good for staying connected with multiple people, it still lacks many beneficial features.

Conversely, modern video platforms offer various integrated tools that are useful in all aspects of communication.

Moreover, innovative video platforms offer robust security measures to keep our data private and secure.

It will help participants to feel more confident when sharing sensitive thoughts on the platform. Some of the other features you can find in this platform include:

  • Project management tools
  • In-call presentation tools such as whiteboards and discussion guides
  • Searchable transcripts
  • Video recording archives

Such features allow employees to work together and develop their engagement and intimacy in the remote workplace.

Adding this feature to a traditional video chat platform is possible. However, additional fees need to be also paid.

Now that we have an idea of an intelligent video platform, let us look at how we can use it to develop employee engagement and intimacy in the remote workplace.

Mentioned below are the ways in which we can use innovative video:

To Get Tools That Engage Better Communication

We can become better communicators by using the tools we get on innovative video platforms. We can also conduct intimate conversations such as:

  • Interviews
  • And sensitive discussions

In a traditional video chat, employees may not be as attentive as in face-to-face discussions since they tend to keep looking at their notes.

However, they will get resources such as transcripts that help them stay focused on the conversation through intelligent video platforms.

They can also access a resource like an online slideshow maker to help them make and present their ideas through slideshows.

To Create Intimacy By Changing Our In-person Dynamics

When we work from home for a very long time, we may forget what it is like to attend an in-person meeting.

However, a traditional in-person meeting may be hard to navigate, especially for ordinary employees.

It is because most of the attention goes to people of higher ranking, such as the company’s CEO.

As the meeting commences, some employees may feel alienated from sharing their thoughts openly, which is a huge problem when it comes to developing employee engagement and intimacy.

However, intelligent video platforms have a way of creating balance during a meeting by making all participants equal.

Therefore, employees can feel less alienated and express their thoughts freely. On the other hand, innovative video platforms do not allow anyone to command attention easily through their voice. The focus is not on one person, which implies that employees feel more intimate and engaged in the meeting.

It will also motivate them to be better and work harder to make the business successful.

The only way to create intimacy and engagement is by allowing participants in a conversation to feel valued and acknowledged.

We can only achieve this goal through the use of intelligent video platforms. Furthermore, the transcript tools on innovative video platforms support different languages offering an inclusive work environment to employees.

We often use innovative video platforms to talk to our friends and colleagues from the comfort of our homes.

These offer an environment where we can feel intimate and comfortable sharing our ideas. Employees accessing a professional video interaction platform makes it cool and unique.

Smart Video Can Help Us Connect With Our Future Remote Work Places

As innovative video platforms continue to grow, many employees will be more comfortable with this mode of communication in future.

Hence, companies can leverage these platforms today and use them to conduct their interviews.

Companies can use such intelligent video technology to build a more dynamic and intimate workforce. It is the best way to ensure employees are motivated to give their best to ensure the company’s success.


Innovative video platforms are instrumental in developing employee engagement and intimacy in remote workplaces.

This platform allows employees to participate in conversations in a way they can’t in in-person meetings.

Through online interviews, innovative video platforms help select a futuristic remote workforce.

The company can then choose their employees depending on their engagement levels during the interview.

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