Why Data Analytics Jobs Will Be More In Demand

Why Data Analytics Jobs Will Be More In Demand In 2023?

Businesses are going to re-evaluate their strategies in the post-pandemic world. 2022 will be the year when more focus will be on generating profits to compensate for the past two years. Companies will focus on jobs that help them achieve profits. Data analytics jobs will be high in demand for this reason which is why both on-campus and online information technology degrees will carry even more weight than they already do..

Let’s first understand what data analytics is. 

What is Data Analytics?

For companies, data is the new currency. With the increasing demand for technologies in every field, we constantly generate, use, and reproduce data on the internet. Companies found tools and machines to capture this data. But they were unable to utilize it as this data is incomprehensible. 

This type of incomprehensible data is also called Big data. Data analytics is the process of evaluating trends and patterns in this data. it filters this raw data to produce information and insights that can be easily understood.

Sounds complicated? Well, think of it as solving a jigsaw puzzle. The data is the jigsaw pieces, and a data analyst arranges these pieces to make the final image. Companies use this final image for solving complex problems like cybersecurity. But, it can also be used for making better business decisions like product innovations. Taking up a data analysis course can make it easier.

Want to know how data analytics can solve such big issues? Read further. 

Reasons For Higher Demand of Data Analytics Jobs in 2022

Reduce Business Costs

Companies have just gone through a slump during this pandemic. Their main strategy for 2022 will be to lower their business costs and increase profits. So let’s see how a data analyst job can help them lower their business cost. 

Take, for example, an e-commerce business that promises single-day delivery to its VIP cardholders. The marketing strategy is great. So naturally, people would love to opt for the VIP package to get urgent deliveries. But this will also increase their costs by a significant number.

A data analyst will use his skills to lower the cost and learn to do so in their data analyst certification courses.. He can do so by using embedded analytics tools to search the company’s inventory. This search will generate a list of all the manufacturers and warehouses that have the said product. Now you just have to find the one near the customer’s house. This reduces the shipping costs.

They would have shipped the same material from a far-off warehouse if they did not know that it’s easily available near the client. So this is an example of reducing the costs of supply chain management using data analytics and Antimalware software

Some other ways data analytics help in reducing costs are: 

  1. Marketing costs reduction

By sorting your customer data with voice of the customer tools, you understand their behavior, patterns of shopping, and likes-dislikes. You can use this knowledge to make better-targeted marketing plans. This saves time as well as money spent on wasteful marketing campaigns. 

  1. Reduction in research costs in the healthcare sector

Companies are using publicly available health databases to make new medicines. It saves money spent on private research and the years spent on such research. The coronavirus vaccine was made faster due to the use of data analytics.    

Speed Up Product Innovations

Data analytics is being used to innovate products that we never thought were possible. Take, for example, self-driving cars. These cars rely on a huge number of digitalized pictures extracted through data mining. 

Data mining is the process of finding relevant data from a huge mass of incomprehensible data. It’s a part of data analytics. For example, product improvement can only be done if you gather data to find out what customers think of your product.

Asking for feedback is a good idea, but this is 2022. People hardly have time to fill out long feedback forms. So what you can do instead is extract relevant information from the data that the customers have voluntarily submitted to you. This can help you find patterns and hidden meanings.

This information can help you learn where your product is lacking. This is done in a few minutes. It saves your time which can then be spent on innovating your product. 

Solve Complex Data Security and Data Privacy Problems

There are going to be multiple data breach threats in 2022. Companies are at risk from phishing, supply chain risks, and cybercrimes.

Big data analytics can help companies manage complex cybersecurity threats easily. But how? The most important element for eliminating a cyber threat is to detect it as early as possible. 

Predictive analysis works best in this regard. By this method, you can study the past and present trends in your data. It will help in analyzing if some unknown activity has been witnessed in your database. You can then work on solving it before it damages your system. Constantly conducting SPF checks will ensure the email security.

Data analytics can help companies update their IT stack to eliminate such attacks. This will also safeguard the private customer information that companies gather, often managed by a password manager.

For example, customers provide their sensitive financial information to finance companies. In case of a cyber threat, they are risking the financial data of a considerable number of people. This can be avoided by using data analytics. However, to unleash the full potential of big data analytics in cybersecurity, you must have a well-informed team equipped with cutting-edge certifications, like CompTIA A+. By leveraging resources such as the CompTIA A+ Practice Test available online, you can ensure your team is adept at implementing big data solutions effectively.

They Improve Customer Service Experience

Suppose you have a small business and want to improve its brand image. You will need to provide a great customer service experience for this. To provide the best service experience, you need to remove all the bottlenecks in your service delivery. 

If you manually read all feedback, it would take months to predict what is not working for you. But with data analytics, you can analyze your feedback database in minutes. Then you can categorize each type of complaint to figure out ways to improve your services. 

You can also analyze data to study customers’ online behavior. This can be used to personalize landing pages and offers for each customer. It will set you apart from others in terms of customer service experience.


Data analytics jobs will be more in demand in 2022. This is simply because they are helping businesses solve complex problems in less time. They are also assisting companies in making informed decisions regarding product marketing and innovation. 

If we look properly, data analysts are making the job of other departments easier. For example, businesses in the hospitality and travel industry collect large amounts of data. Thus, they can gain a lot from data analytics. Even the healthcare and retail sector is a big beneficiary of data analytics as they also receive large amounts of data. 

Data analytics jobs are here to stay. Utilize their power to generate more profits for your business. 

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