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In-Depth Comparison of 4 CultureAmp Alternatives


Do you want to elevate your organization’s employee experience and culture?

How do I solve workforce management problems?

Are you looking for the best app to make your workspace happier?

As per our conversations with businesses, we’ve gathered three common challenges:

Employee Engagement: Employees are not actively engaged in their roles on a work and organizational level.

Employee Performance: Employees lack commitment and produce low-quality output

Employee Development: Not able to track employee development and demonstrate impact.

Adopting an employee engagement and experience platform can help you solve these specific challenges. 

There are a number of great platforms out there that offer unique features and benefits. In this blog post, we’ll help you to find the CultureAmp alternative that fits your business needs.

Check out our picks for:

Best employee engagement app: EngageWith

Best performance management apps: Lattice, 15Five

Best employee development apps: Qualtrics

Note: To learn more about EngageWith, visit our site here and book a free demo.

Best Employee Engagement App


It’s a tough job for management and the HR team to boost collaboration and drive engagement levels among employees.

Here’s the good news: You can achieve these goals simply by using an extremely effective piece of software: EngageWith

With the help of EngageWith, employees can appreciate and recognize peers, juniors, or managers by giving them Kudos or Shout outs for a job well done. It builds stronger working relationships and a greater sense of belonging.

If you’re looking for an employee engagement app whose strength lies in employee recognition, awards, and feedback, EngageWith may be the best fit for your company.

Let’s check out how it can reshape your company’s employee engagement:

Improve employee engagement with:

  • Rewards and Recognition

  • Pulse surveys

  • Anonymous feedback

Improve employees’ performance with:

  • Manager feedback surveys

  • Align Company Values With Business Goals

  • eNPS

Additional features

  • Easy Budgeting

  • Redeemable points

  • Data-driven analytics

  • Integrations

Below, we’ll explore each of these features in detail.

Rewards and Recognition

Instant Recognition

EngageWith provides an environment where showing appreciation for a job well done is potentially within moments of completing it, rather than waiting for a month to receive a “thank you” note on their desk. EngageWith offers appreciation posts within seconds.

instant recognition

Peer-to-peer recognition

EngageWith allows employees to appreciate their peers and make peer-to-peer recognition fun. It helps build a culture of recognition, motivation, and happiness. Employees can engage and interact with each other by interacting through a real-time thread.

peer to peer recognition

Automated and personalized Birthday and Anniversary Notification

Employees like to be wished on their special days like work anniversaries and birthdays. EngageWith can recognize them automatically to celebrate these special occasions. 

EngageWith will post a congratulatory message in the channel along with a fun GIF. So it’s easy for the team to join the celebration and make everyone feel special.

Manage your employee recognition program

EngageWith comes with a Management Dashboard. It can help the management team get an overall view of the entire recognition program. In addition, admins can quickly analyze recognition-based activities across multiple teams in the dashboard.

employee recognition program

Pulse Surveys

Send personalized or group pulse surveys for your team to involve, respond to, and let their opinion be known. 

Get deeper insights into what employees think and identify areas for improvement. You can also make survey responses anonymous and empower transparency.

EngageWith works seamlessly inside Slack and Teams, which means participation is instant, effortless, and engaging. How engaging? Simply select a channel rather than individuals and replace surveys with a quick, contextual pulse.

pulse survey

Anonymous feedback

Understand your team better and take an instant action to build a people-centric organization with anonymous feedback.

Receiving comprehensive employee feedback should be a priority and an area for attention and continuous improvement, as it can affect culture, growth, retention, and how much your employees enjoy coming to work daily.

Manager feedback surveys

Do you want to know what your team feel about your managerial skills and leadership? EngageWith helps managers run a quick pulse to get instant feedback to evaluate themselves effectively.

You can also track analytics after each survey right inside the dashboard seamlessly. Track reply rate, engagement, and quality all in one place without switching 20+ tabs.

manager feedback survey

Align Company Values With Business Goals

You can add your organization’s core values to EngageWith and keep track of how many ‘kudos’ and ‘shoutouts’ have been given with every organizational value you set up. This will help you understand which values your team upholds the most while appreciating their teammates.

Align recognition with company values

eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score)

eNPS is a survey for measuring employee satisfaction. By asking better questions in such a survey, you can know more about your employees’ pain points and your organization’s health.

eNPS isn’t just a metric that has a singular goal. eNPS holds the key to unlocking a better organizational culture. Good eNPS → Better employee experience → Great company culture

Determine and improve your employee experience with the help of EngageWith:


Here are some additional features that we offer:

Easy Budgeting

EngageWith makes budget allocation easier for you. You can have complete control over how your budget is going to be used and even track it in real-time. You can set limits for EngageWith points based on the budget that you’ve set for your employee recognition and rewards initiatives.

EngageWith easy budgeting

Redeemable points

EngageWith can give employees the power to choose their rewards. It is integrated with platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Ola, Uber, and others. The Kudos and Shoutouts you receive get converted into points that can be redeemed on platforms you prefer.

redeem points

Data-driven analytics

EngageWith comes with a Dashboard. You can easily track how many points you have received, how many points you can give, and have previously given to your teammate. You can also redeem gift cards against your points.

Data-driven analytics


Its easy integration with team collaboration tools (such as Slack, and Microsoft Teams) has made remote peer recognition even more convenient.

Interested in Learning More?

To learn more about EngageWith and all its key features, check out the site or schedule a demo

Best Apps for Performance Management



Lattice is an end-to-end cloud-based performance management platform. It automates performance reviews, optimizes goal management and facilitates regularly scheduled performance-related communications. 

It leverages analytics and reporting capabilities to produce actionable insights that can be used to enhance performance management processes. It also provides customization options so users can tailor their performance management processes to satisfy their business requirements. Lattice offers 360 feedback and self, manager and direct report feedback.

Lattice give managers the tools they need to understand how their team is performing in real time and become better coaches.



15Five is a cloud-based performance management platform that focuses on increasing employee engagement. With surveys, check-ins and guided one-on-one meetings, managers gain insight into the employee experience. Identify trends in responses and make changes for the betterment of personnel.

The platform is designed to help HR leaders run their performance program from end-to-end, and make talent decisions based on a 360 view of the employee.

Using convenient dashboards, HR leaders can access performance insights designed to help them make faster talent decisions.

Best Employee Development App


Qualtrics’ 360-degree approach to employee development and experience, organizations of all sizes can close talent gaps, increase organizational performance and bring teams closer together. 

For example, they can quickly extend development programs to more employees without additional administrative overheads, and deliver employee development experiences that best meet their organization’s unique needs.

Jumpstart your development program using Qualtrics expert-created, out-of-the-box development framework for senior leaders, people managers and individual contributors.

This platform allows to link actions to specific learning resources within the flow of 360 feedback – including to LMS courseware, LinkedIn Learning and other third party content – to help employees start closing development gaps immediately.


Hope you find our list of Culture Amp alternatives or competitors helpful.

Note: We first built EngageWith for in-house use. Then friends, partners, and clients who saw the system asked if they could use it. 

They had the same challenge: How to improve employee engagement and retention. We worked on the platform to commercialize it for businesses that believe that great success can only be achieved with a truly engaged team.

To learn more about EngageWith, visit our site here or book a 1-on-1 demo.

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