How to Host a Great Virtual Pub Quiz on Zoom

How to Host a Great Virtual Pub Quiz on Zoom

Social distancing and work from home have led us to find newer ways to connect and share. People are doing parties, team-building exercises, book reading clubs, pub quizzes, etc., online. Virtual pub trivia platforms such as Zoom have become essential software for virtual family hangouts, friends get-together, office meets, job interviews, etc.

Online pub quizzes are a fun and informative medium for team building and socializing. Virtual pub quizzes are gaining a lot of popularity these days. You can organize and host a great virtual pub quiz Zoom with a couple of steps. So, get a drink and create a pub-like atmosphere right at the comfort of your couch and host a Zoom pub quiz.

With a platform like Zoom, you can pull it off beautifully on any occasion and any place. So if you need some inspiration and ideas to create an engaging and informative virtual pub quiz, please stay through the blog to know tried & tested ways to coordinate a successful virtual pub quiz on Zoom.

How to host a Zoom Pub Quiz?

We will explain step by step the process to conduct an engaging virtual pub trivia through the following pointers.

Choosing the Right Online Platform

The first and foremost thing to consider to host your pub quiz is the right online platform. This blog deals with Zoom, the World’s best online software for meetings, Quizzes, group chat, interviews, etc. The platform rose to its peak during Covid-19 led lockdown imposed globally, and all of us started working from home.

Zoom is the leading contender for its ease of operation and high-definition audio & video streaming. You can use their free version for organizing online pub quiz Zoom and later upgrade to a pro plan with cost-effective rates. The free version allows forty minutes of the meeting. You can host up to a hundred people on the platform.

Select Innovative Themes and Questions

After deciding on the meeting platform, it’s time to decide the theme of the quiz and the pub quiz questions. Do some research and come up with innovative categories.

Themes could be anything from 90s music, Harry Potter series, to about history & culture of different parts of the country, etc. People also use social media trivia, sports questions, etc., for the pub quiz.

Whatever be the theme, it should be engaging and informative. Don’t make your pub quiz monotonous and boring because we need more reasons to be attentive on screen.

Different Topics to Break the Monotonous Flow

Are you hosting a Zoom quiz? Do not make the session monotonous. Give your participants enough break to make the pub quiz engaging. If you ask questions from different topics, everybody will contribute, and the quiz will be more entertaining and informative.

Tip: Share an image and ask questions about it during pub Trivia for virtual teams. Visual effects work better than verbal.

Host Zoom Pub Quiz with detailed Study of The Questions

You are hosting the pub quiz to play on Zoom. Everybody will expect deep knowledge of every question from your end. So prepare yourself with answers, different perspectives, and be ready to explain with relevant examples.

It is advisable to do rehearsals a couple of times before the final quiz day. A host needs to be equally if not more prepared than participants. Conduct a mock session with friends and family. Ask them for any errors and improve those pain points.

Two Hosts for Natural Flow of the Pub Quiz

If you plan a long session or multiple participants for the quiz, consider conducting the quiz with one colleague or partner. Two hosts will give a natural flow and help in proper coordination. Of course, you can also take a ‘two-minute break’ if you want.

Host an online pub quiz with a reliable person for better coordination.

Joining Links and Communicate Properly

Shoot a mail and message on the phone with a joining link of the Zoom meeting. Then, send a registration mail and follow-up Email to confirm participants. Ask for minimum information such as Name, Email ID, and Contact number for registration.

To host a Zoom pub quiz efficiently, introduce the theme of the quiz, awards (if any), and information regarding the pub quiz session in the mail. Then, announce the same before starting the session to be on the same page.

Tip: Play some soft and classic music when participants wait for the session.

Gentle on Ears and Feedback

Speak in a professional tone and respect every participant during the Zoom pub quiz. Ask every question and communicate clearly. Give proper attention to every member on the screen during the pub quiz.

So, to conduct Zoom pub quiz efficiently, feedback is very crucial. After the session ends, ask for feedback from every member. It shows your performance as a presenter.

Wrapping it up! 

Remember, pub quiz should be entertaining and engaging, so do not forget to enjoy the session and provide enough scope for others to contribute. Follow these steps and enjoy team-building exercises or quality fun time through an online Pub Quiz with Friends.

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