Life at Springworks: A day in the life of a Software Development Engineer

Each day, everyone at Springworks comes into work with a true passion for building products and tools to simplify the lives of hiring and recruiting managers. We are artists, innovators, achievers, and dreamers, with a one-track mind to fine-tune the products that we build on the blockchain, achieving precision. We showcase our team members, their roles, and what a typical day looks like for them through this series of posts. You can check all the posts here

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Madhvi Mittal joined Springworks in January, 2020 as a Software Engineering intern. She worked as an intern till October, 2020 & then started working as a full-time employee.

In the span of just one year, she has contributed to three projects at Springworks. She has worked on our product, EngageWith, and has also handled two client projects.

She is more of a backend developer and works on the server-side development, using node.js, but also contributes as a front-end developer when required.

Letā€™s take a deep dive into the life of a Software Development Engineer!

Tell me a little about your job role and what you do on a day-to-day basis.

My day-to-day tasks range from working with development teams and product managers to ideate software solutions, designing both client-side and server-side architecture, building the front-end of applications through appealing visual design and Writing effective APIs.

Tell me about the most challenging engineering project that you have been involved with during the past year.

Building Engagewith from scratch for MS Teams was the most challenging project that Iā€™ve been involved with. However, it was fun because I got experience with Teams tools and SDKs and configured our app with App Studio.

What do you like best about being a software engineer?

To put yourself in your customers’ shoes to provide a solution, trying to use the product the way they will and to understand user behaviour completely. Observe the system from the inside.

Understanding design and basic user psychology also help you define and design your product in such a way that you solve the problem in the best possible way.

Where do you hope to go with this job, or in your career in general?

Iā€™d like the position of a Senior Software Engineer or Tech Lead in the future. Besides writing code, I like coordinating things and I like a smooth operation and I feel that I could do a good job at it. 

I also want to improve my skills in AWS. It will help me validate my cloud skills and enhance my credibility with an industry-recognised credential

Walk me through a day in the life of Madhvi Mittal!

  • Wake up at 8 am
  • Do meditation
  • Have breakfast and go through the newsfeed
  • Start work at 11 am
  • Plan out my tasks for the day
  • Team meeting
  • Lunch break
  • Continue working on tasks
  • Work until 8 pm
  • Spend time with family
  • Have Dinner
  • Read a book
  • Head to Sleep

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I love to read books. Iā€™ve been reading ā€œThe power of your subconscious mindā€ by Joseph Murphy these days.

What keeps you at Springworks?

Team of highly motivated professionals who are always seeking improvement. Perfectly balanced work and personal life. 

The organization provides flexibility to work at your pace as long as you are honest to your work. Provides WFH and learning/development allowances.

Want to join the team? Check out open roles at Springworks.

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