Life at Springworks: A Day In the Life of a Human Resources Executive

Each day, everyone at Springworks comes into work with a true passion for building products and tools to simplify the lives of hiring and recruiting managers. We are artists, innovators, achievers, and dreamers, with a one-track mind to fine-tune the products that we build on the blockchain, achieving precision. We showcase our team members, their roles, and what a typical day looks like for them through this series of posts. You can check all the posts here

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Preksha M joined Springworks in March, 2020 as a Human Resources Executive. Prior to Springworks, she worked as a Talent Acquisition Executive at a recruitment firm where she handled end to end recruitment processes across various industries for both technical and non-technical roles.

I joined Springworks with no hardcore HR experience other than recruitment. I had to get a hold of many responsibilities to start with and I was able to perform well because of my peers’ support at the workplace.

Here’s a discussion with Preksha!

Tell me a little about your job role at Springworks.

My responsibilities vary from onboarding new employees, performing employee engagement, recruitment, and resolving employee queries related to compensation or workplace policies.

What is the one thing that you enjoy most about working in HR?

One of the things I love about HR is that it’s constantly growing and changing. From compliance with new laws and legislation to technology and employee expectations. It’s never boring and always challenging.

What changes have been made to the onboarding process during remote work?

Nothing much has changed in terms of getting new hire onboarding forms filled and sending out employee handbook to them as it was all digital before.

However, when it comes to introducing them to the team, it is all virtual now. We Introduce new joiners to their buddies online and explain all of our products and hierarchy.

Also, we provide a work-from-home setup allowance to our employees ever since we went remote.

An interesting fact is that we welcome new recruits to our team and engage them with our custom quizzes on Trivia. It helps the team to know the new joiner better.

What advice would you give someone who is seeking the same line of work?

Increase your presence on social media and expand your network there. Post jobs frequently on the correct platforms to attract the right talent.

Communicate with other HRs to understand the evolution in the industry.

Are there any challenges in your job? If so, how do you handle them?

With all the employee queries resolution and other goals to achieve, it is sometimes difficult to keep a track of all the tasks on your plate.

Noting down each and everything helps me in keeping up with the tasks I’m supposed to complete within a given timeline.

What is the Springworks team like?

Being from a typical recruitment background, I wanted to get involved in other HR related activities as well. Fortunately, I got this opportunity as an HR Executive.

Kartik has really helped me throughout my journey at Springworks. He is a big support.

Walk me through a day in the life of Preksha!

  • Wake up at 7am
  • Go to Gym
  • Have breakfast
  • Cover up pending work
  • Plan out my day
  • Attend recruitment meetings
  • List down the things to do
  • Resolve employees query
  • Have lunch
  • Walk my Dog
  • Bake cakes in my free time
  • Have dinner
  • Spend time with family
  • Sleep

Tell me a little bit about your life outside of work…What are your hobbies outside of work?

I am a part-time makeup artist and I love to bake as well. Baking is a skill that I discovered during the lockdown and found out that I am actually good at it as well.

Here are some pictures:

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