Fun Zoom Icebreakers You Should Try for Team Bonding

25 Fun Zoom Icebreakers You Should Try for Team Bonding

Companies plan and organize a variety of team-building and bonding games to increase employee engagement. Anything like board games, card games, a challenge, an activity, party games, word games, etc., works as fun playing them.

These games, when played with colleagues, help us reconnect with our childhood. It sets off a chain reaction and helps in strengthening old bonds and creating new ones. In these virtual working scenarios, Zoom team bonding meets work well and help break monotonous routines.

However, studies show that around 65% of virtual teams never engage in trust-building activities during meetings. Hence, it is necessary to add good icebreaker activities.

Here, we bring you 25 Fun Zoom Icebreakers you should try for team bonding. (Click to Tweet)

Zoom Team Building Icebreakers

1. First-Timers

As the name suggests, team icebreakers over Zoom are fun. As part of this game, you need to set up a challenge and find something that you have not done in the past. It is undoubtedly going to be an exhilarating experience together.

2. Campfire Stories

It is one of the most exciting team building activities. Curate some keywords and ask participants in advance to share a campfire story on the chosen keywords. These keywords can be personal or work-related. For example- choose words like a business trip, first day, induction, side project, etc.

3. The Social Network

Create a virtual diagram or work together to create a social network in this one of the best team meeting ice breakers Zoom.

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4. Cover Story

It is one of the Quick Icebreakers For Virtual Meetings. It can be played in teams or individually, where participants are asked to sketch out the cover of their magazine with inputs taken from the past months in the office to create sensational headlines.

5. Back of the Napkin

In this team building meeting, give a problem to the players, which could be imaginary or real, and ask them to come up with a solution. This solution is written on the back of the napkin and presented to the team.

6. Dragon’s Den

It is an exciting game that can be played on zoom. The team comes up with business ideas which are then pitched to the management. The information includes how much investment is required and who gets the highest investment.

Icebreaker quizzes with Trivia

7. Podcaster

The team works in tandem to ideate and create their podcast. Tough questions can be asked while the other team members work on scripting, track listing, recording, etc.

8. Silver Linings

It is one of the most interesting and fun icebreaker games for zoom. In this game, a participant is asked to share a personal or work-related negative experience with the team, working together to find the silver linings.

9. Radio Star

In this zoom icebreaker, things are taken to the next level, and a radio station is set up. This game is perfect for large companies. Team members can enjoy 15 minutes of fame in the spotlight.

10.  Online Gaming Challenge

In this team building activity, teams get back to basics and earn bonus points for childhood nostalgia and retro games. Anyone can recommend his favorite game.

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11.  Talent Show

In this virtual team, participants get a chance to display their hidden talents. Of course, the person who steals the show is the winner.

12.  Bucket List

The team works together to create a bucket list. It is fun and exciting to know how many things are shared between everyone. Try them and check them off!

13.  Virtual Poker Night

This poker night is played virtually; every player can play under pressure while staying cool. It shows how they are at work under pressure.

14.  Virtual Yoga Session

Virtual yoga session is perfect for some much-needed relaxation. Practicing yoga may bring some zen to the group. Find balance and rest your team with this activity.

15.  Guess Where

It is a fun and exciting game where everyone is shown a photo and asked to guess where the mystery location is. It can also be done by sharing coordinates through Google Earth or Google Maps. You can even choose images from the hometowns or locations of the players.

16.  Virtual Tour

In this icebreaker game, you can take a virtual tour of the city after you have played the Guess Where game. In these pandemic times, historic buildings can be seen virtually. Some of the most famous buildings worth exploring are Disney World, San Diego Zoo, Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, and more.

17.  Weekend in a Word

It is a fun game where the participants need to summarize their feelings for the weekend in one word. It is an exciting and exciting game.

18.  Thorns ‘N’ Roses

It is a challenging game wherein every participant takes turns to share their thorns. These are things that cause stress or problems at work. Similarly, share roses that are milestones, achievements, and successes.

19.  Leave it at Work Lunch

It is a fun Icebreaker Games For Zoom Meetings, where the team sets a date, grabs lunch, and the challenging part is talking about anything under the sun but work. Thus, no one says a word about work for the whole hour, which helps the team get a much-deserved downtime.

20.  Running Club

It is a virtual running club. Download a running app on your smartphone and compete with your group. Make this activity a weekly thing and work towards your fitness goals.  

21.  Undercover Boss

In this team building activity, you got to ask your boss to spend a day at work in your shoes. Ask him to go undercover and work as a new employee. Put him through paces once his induction is complete and do not go easy on him. It will give him a fresh perspective of how his team works.

22.  A Trip to Paris

Enjoy a virtual trip to Paris with your team. It is sure going to be the best icebreaker for the upcoming holidays.

23.  Icebreaker Day

The ultimate challenge is to go for a daily icebreaker. Here, you have already tried out several icebreaker activities and know the score. Take out five minutes from your meeting time and play Water cooler trivia or Quiz Breaker to motivate and engage the team.

24.  Blind Origami

Put yourself in the shoes of another person and spark solutions and ideas, and diffuse complicated situations. Blind origami is a fantastic lesson where a piece of paper is used to give instructions.

25.  Totem’s Very Own Feel Good

This is a great Icebreaker Activities For Zoom where a Totem facilitator hosts a premium package or DIY Self-serve. It helps in improving communication and building trust among team members.

These enjoyable icebreaker activities for zoom help the team to bond and work cohesively towards their chosen goals. (Click to Tweet)

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What are good ice breakers on Zoom?

As mentioned above, here are a few good Zoom icebreakers:

  1. Blind Origami- Put yourself in someone else’s shoes in a mentioned situation and brainstorm solutions.
  2. First Timer’s – set yourself up for a challenge of doing something you haven’t done before.
  3. Leave it at work lunch – have lunch together BUT the catch is that you CAN’T mention anything related to work.

How do you make Zoom team meetings fun?

Zoom team meetings can be awkward if you do not have any icebreakers ready to throw. Ensure that there is no awkward silence and the set time is convenient for everyone to stay for longer than 30 minutes.

Keep the conversations casual and use any of the above icebreakers to have extreme fun.

What are some good team building questions?

Here are some good team bonding exercises:

  1. If offered only for a day, what role would you pick?
  2. Who do you admire the most?
  3. What’s your favorite place to travel?
  4. Describe your team in a single word.

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