15 Best Virtual Birthday Games to Play on Zoom

Birthdays are the best opportunities to celebrate someone we love and adore and let them know how much they mean to us. However, unfortunately, the pandemic has limited the human connection to rectangular screens. But that doesn’t mean that this screen should become your boundary! 

In fact, over the last few months, we have seen people finding new and creative ways to enjoy their loved ones’ special day. And one of these ways is to organize Zoom birthday party games.

You have sent the invites, arranged food, planned themes, and decided the dress code. The final step is to brainstorm ideas for Zoom birthday party games that everyone can enjoy at the party. But before that, here are a few things you should consider before digging into specific personalized custom games.

Checklist for a Zoom Birthday Party

  • Make sure you know how many people are going to be joining the party.
  • Understand Zoom technicalities, such as breakout rooms, chat, pin options, etc., to prepare for a smooth experience.
  • Make sure everyone has a good internet connection and backups. 

Now let us get to the fun birthday games to play on Zoom. 

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15 Zoom Games for Birthday Party

Here are some birthday ideas over Zoom that you can plan.

Virtual Dance Party 

Just because we can’t go dancing in the pubs doesn’t mean we can’t bring it to our living rooms! So, create a playlist of the birthday person’s favorite dancing songs, and get ready to groove on some beats while you sing along together. 

You can double the excitement by having a “best dancer” award at the end as well. 

Birthday Bingo 

Create a fun bingo template based on a birthday person’s interests, and have a bingo night. The winner gets a gift of choice from the birthday host. 

Wish Jar Game 

Since it is someone’s birthday, you can all choose this time to make a wish. Each person makes a wish and shares it with only one person in the group. The latter will then read it aloud to others, and all will guess whose wish it is. 

The more outrageous the wish, the funnier it gets. For instance, the wish can be, “I want to travel to space!”

Virtual Escape Rooms

Virtual escape rooms are the best ideas for online birthday games for Zoom. 

You can divide the guests into groups, create breakout rooms, and send them on an adventure virtual escape room. Check out fun escape room themes like Harry Potter, Disney World, and many more, and pick the best fit for your fun Zoom birthday games. 


This game is one of the fun Zoom birthday party games for adults. In this game, everyone recalls and lists words in stated categories starting with one alphabet. You can check out the category generator here.  Choose the category, time, and difficulty levels that work for you, and have fun! You can introduce scoring and prizes of your choice to make it more competitive!


No one needs an introduction to the game of charades. It will get everyone pumped up and excited. Don’t forget to introduce some prizes for the end of the game. You can play charades using different categories like movies, songs, artists, actors, places– one person acts out the hints to identify without speaking anything, and others identify! You can introduce the best actor award to the guest who is best at enacting! 

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Scavenger Hunt

You can also play Scavenger Hunt. Choose a letter from the alphabet, and everyone searches their houses for the items starting with that letter. You can also add a points system where people earn points for each item, and the person with the most points wins. 

The Lip Reading Game 

It is among the easiest and fun ideas for virtual birthday games on Zoom. One person mutes their microphones and says a few words, and others try to guess what they are trying to say. The fun twist would be to get a list of tongue twisters that look like many other words and are challenging to read. 

Karaoke Time

One of the best activities for a Zoom birthday party is karaoke. Start with everyone’s favorite songs, and end the karaoke session by playing songs from the birthday person’s favorite band!

Book a Mixology Class

Is everyone on your guest list interested in exploring mixology? Then, go ahead and book a virtual mixology class as one of your Zoom birthday party activities. Not only will you have fun together as a group, but you will all learn some new skills.

Play a Jigsaw Puzzle Together 

With this virtual jigsaw puzzle, you will be able to make your group puzzle nights alive. And the fun part is, you can add as many participants in one puzzle or divide them into smaller teams and play. Since childhood, we all have loved jigsaw puzzles, and with the world going virtual, we shouldn’t miss out on the fun and satisfaction of completing a jigsaw puzzle! 


Sometimes, sticking to the basics is the most fun. For example, you can use Google Jamboard or MS Paint or Prints4sure canvas prints to showcase your master drawing skills while others guess what masterpiece you created. 

Play Quizzes

Use platforms like Kahoot, Trivia, etc., which will give you hundreds of random topics. You can choose from them to organize a knowledge-filled quiz night. 

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Board Game Night 

Board games would always have our hearts. So pick from Ludo to Cards against Humanity, and play away. (Don’t forget to agree on the rules before starting the game to avoid fun fights later!)

The Cooking Game 

If everyone in your group loves food (Who doesn’t?), this is the best idea for your digital birthday party invitations for zoom. Everyone either picks one dish — it can be a favorite dish of the birthday person — and makes their version of it. Indeed a fantastic bonding game.

Final Words

Pick any game that your guests love. Then, just ensure that it is fun for your birthday person.

Remember, no matter what you play, the most crucial rule is to have fun!

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