Virtual Happy Hours Games on Zoom

10 Virtual Happy Hours Games on Zoom in 2023

The festive season is around the corner, and we have ample time on our hands. But are you still cautious about stepping out from the comfort and safety of your home? 

Then you may be looking for some interesting ways and means to keep yourself entertained and engaged. It will surely boost your mood and keep your spirits high. 

Zoom brings you awesome Happy Hour Games that you can play online with your friends and family. Today, this article will talk about amazing games to play on Zoom Happy Hour in 2023.

10 Virtual Happy Hours Games on Zoom in 2023

1. MTV Cribs: Fridge Edition

It is one of the popular activities for Zoom happy hours where a camera crew follows a celebrity, who shows off the cool stuff collected by them and unique features of their house. You may hear these cool people say something like this: my hot tub, used only for smashing parties. 

In Fridge Edition, relatively fewer things are on display. Instead, it is a virtual activity that challenges the participants to carry out a virtual tour of their kitchen.

2. Something in Common

One of the best Zoom happy hour ideas, something in common is another game that you can play with your friends and family as an icebreaker. 

It is a group activity where you assign 4-5 people to breakout rooms. Here, they have three minutes to find the most distinctive things they may have in common. It is an exciting and novel game.

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3. Virtual Happy Hour Bingo

If you are looking for engaging virtual happy hour activities, this game will surely appeal to your senses. It is also an online team-building activity and helps to enhance team engagement

When playing this game, people get to do something active throughout the session. Participants receive clues and prompts that they need to listen to and check off throughout the call. It is a fun and fast game that keeps everyone attentive.

4. Virtual Happy Hour Trivia

Another one of the popular virtual happy hour games is a fast round of trivia. It is an old game but still very entertaining. 

Playing this game feels very refreshing, even though it is quite familiar. It helps in encouraging and promoting interaction among the participants. You need a game format, good questions, and an engaging host for a successful round.

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5. I’ll Drink to That

One of the best Zoom games for Happy Hour, I’ll drink to that, as the name suggests, is a drinking game that you can play during virtual happy hours. However, it is unnecessary to play this game with alcohol; turmeric and ginger tea will do just fine. 

You decide a specific phrase when playing this game. This phrase will work as a prompt or a trigger to take a drink. So every time someone utters this phrase, you take a sip of your drink.

6. The Question Game

It is another one in the long series of Zoom happy hour activities. As the name suggests, this is a question game, and many questions are asked with the answer to the last one — as long as you can keep it up. 

It is challenging and enjoyable. Every player gets a chance to engage and have fun in this game. So many questions fly around, and each one is responded to while being directed to another player.

7. The Statement Game

If you are looking for Zoom happy hour games for work, this is the perfect option to choose. It is opposite the game mentioned above, the Question Game.

The game begins with a statement, and the same gets passed on from one to the next player. The conversation continues until a participant fails to make a statement within 5 seconds.

8. Virtual Werewolf

It is one of the very engaging and popular Zoom happy hour ideas for work. The players become wolves, while some play the role of villagers. They operate a show where Survivor votes people off the island. 

It is fun, engaging, and requires the participants to be quick in thinking. It is a straightforward game as no special equipment or tool is required to play. However, one needs a little strategy, a stable internet connection, and fantastic communication skills.

9. Sneak It In

In this game to play on Zoom Happy Hour, every attendee gets a secret word, and the other players attempt to work the word in conversation several times before anyone notices it. Every successful mention helps score a point.

10. Noisy Charades

It is different from the regular mime game. Here, players can use as many words as they want but cannot act. For instance, walking a tightrope, shaking hands, throwing a football, lassoing an animal, and more. It is more challenging and engages the participants.

These are some of the best virtual happy hour games on Zoom that will keep you engaged, active, and entertained in 2021. So check your internet connection, ensure it is fast and stable, and get ready to enjoy a fun time playing games for Zoom happy hour.

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