Life at Springworks: A Day In The Life Of A Sales Development Representative 

Snehal Waigaonkar is from Nagpur, Maharashtra. She is a computer Science graduate and holds an MBA in Marketing from N.L Dalmia Institute. Snehal started her career as a business analyst and she transitioned towards sales. Sales has always been her passion. She works as a Sales Development Representative at Springworks. Snehal can be summarized in three words: Arts, travel and work.

Let’s have a look at her journey!

My journey at Springworks 

It’s been almost 4 months with Springworks and the journey has been interesting so far. Every day I get to learn new things and think about novel ways to solve challenges that come my way.

I heard about Springworks through a friend and I instantly felt that this organization would help me tick all the boxes and achieve my goals. And I haven’t been wrong 🙂
I read a lot of good reviews on Glassdoor and Quora that helped me make a decision.

On LinkedIn, I came across an opening for the SDR role and I applied. The hiring team at Springworks are fantastic. Within a span of a few days, I had a quick call with Bhargavi who gave me a walkthrough of the entire process.

Starting from the assignment to the final interview calls everything was seamless and quick. The interviews were great and I gained more insight about the role and the company. I was delighted when Bhargavi gave a call and informed me about the offer letter.

The WhatsApp group with the HR and CEO is such a great initiative. It helped me a lot. The team was able to solve all my queries and communication was easier. I also had a buddy and manager meet which laid clear expectations for my work and it has helped me to date. 
HRs were very helpful and they patiently resolved every query I had. The induction was brief and it gave me more context about Springworks. After this, I was formally introduced to my fellow SDRs’ and Team Leads. Over the week I received KT and shadowed demo calls to understand things before I start leading them. Yashwanth, Smitha and Nikita have been a great support.

I have been getting so many requests on LinkedIn for a referral at Springworks. Everything here makes it a dream place to work at. I am not gonna say that my journey has been smooth. There were difficulties, challenges and not so many good days. But at the end of the day, what makes it worthy is the support, encouragement and help received by all.

I have worked at a few organizations previously but I was unable to have a word with my team leads or stakeholders. Here, I can just ping Kartik, Yashwanth or Anoop and they revert back. I just love Springworks functions. Irrespective of being remote, everyone is in the loop and aware of the company. Kudos for being very transparent and respecting every individual’s input.

Looking forward to learning more and helping the Sales team by closing more deals and generating revenue for Springworks.

What do I do at Springworks? 

I work as the Sales Representative for SpringVerify India. This role comes with a lot of responsibility and challenges. On a daily basis, I do research on what other companies are doing and how we can leverage our process. I do cold-calling, take demo calls and pitch SpringVerify to potential customers. One thing that helps in demo calls is our USP. I have been able to convince them and close deals because of our company’s culture and customer satisfaction. 

Things I love about Springworks:-

The first thing I noticed about Springworks is the cross-functional team bonding. There are no barriers when it comes to reaching out to others across various departments. I got to speak to a lot of them during the Goa offsite. People here are upfront and there is a lot of collectiveness here.

As soon as I joined, I was told about the Goa offsite and it was a great weekend indeed. I spoke to a lot of them and got to know my teammates a little better. My roommate was Saloni and I found a good friend in her. We spoke a lot that on the last day, we didn’t want to leave Goa. Eagerly waiting for the next offsite xD.

It’s great to work at a place where my opinions are respected, appreciated and given the scope to learn and improve on things. I am able to focus on my work and own my tasks. There is no micromanagement or hassles when it comes to work. There is active participation by everyone here.

My teammates are very helpful. We are all under the same pressure to meet our deadlines but we look into things and discuss areas where we can improve. There is a lot of comfort within the team. Learning and growing with my team has been great.

The work-from-home and workation benefits really help me to improve my work-life balance. I was able to set up a workplace at my home. There are days when I feel exhausted and the workation allowance helps me to travel, explore new places and re-energise myself. It instils new energy within me that helps me to work productively.

Flexible working hours help me to plan my schedule not only for that day but for the rest of the week. I start my work at 9:30 am and work till 7: 30 pm. During the day I have two standup calls with the team, where we discuss stats and progress. After work, I am able to do things I love the most, which are arts & crafts and blogging.

Empathy starts at home and cultivating a growth mindset are two facets of the cultural manifesto that I resonate the most with. Keeping everything aside, kudos to the HR team for always engaging us and coming up with innovative games and revisiting existing policies. Remote work is all the more fun because of Trivia, EngageWith and Albus. These products help me in a lot of ways.

Springworks has been a lot of fun till now. Looking forward to more learning and development.

Sneak-Peek into my life outside Springworks!

I am a blogger, so I keep shooting videos and talking to people about Skincare and make-up via Instagram when I am not working. Travelling is something I do very often. I have explored a lot of places in India. Internationally I have been to Dubai and Maldives. I have a few things on my bucket list before I enter my 30s.

  1. Write a book
  2. Start a arts & crafts business
  3. Start a youtube channel.
  4. Visit European countries.
  5. Have a burrito from Greece and a pizza from Italy. 

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Megha K

I am an HR executive at Springworks. I curate employee stories and strive towards better work culture

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