6 Tips for a Successful EngageWith Launch

Kudos for taking the first step toward improving employee engagement at your organization and building a culture of appreciation. 

Now that you have the EngageWith platform up and running, what can you do to launch this initiative organization-wide officially? A well-structured rollout plan is essential for a successful launch and sustained success of any initiative. It also presents an excellent opportunity to showcase your commitment to enhancing employee engagement to both leaders and employees alike.

In this article, we will explore some tips and actionable insights that can facilitate a seamless launch while also maximizing employee adoption. 

Generate Buzz and Excitement Before the Launch

We offer a range of collaterals that you can seamlessly integrate into your presentations and org-wide announcements while engaging with your team regarding the launch. Get creative, build anticipation, and foster enthusiasm around this initiative. This approach can effectively promote employee adoption right from the start. For example, one of our customers put up some flyers to build anticipation before the launch. 

Furthermore, we provide materials that guide your team on platform usage, highlight key features, and offer valuable tips. These resources prove instrumental in sustaining and boosting adoption beyond the initial launch phase.

Optimize Your Communication Approach

Effective communication forms the backbone of a successful launch. Whether you’re introducing a new initiative or enhancing existing ones, your communication plan is pivotal to the success of your engagement strategy. 

Tailor Your Communication

Personalize your messages for the EngageWith launch to align with your team’s unique culture. Tailoring your communication adds an authentic touch and promotes active engagement. While we offer some sample messages as a starting point, we strongly recommend personalization to maximize impact.

Diverse Channels

Utilize a variety of communication channels, including company announcements and organization-wide presentations. If an upcoming town hall meeting is scheduled, integrate the launch into the presentation. This provides an opportunity to address any questions and clarify doubts employees may have about using the platform.

Try A Phased Approach to Launch

Instead of trying to do everything at once, adopt a phased approach followed by continuous improvement. Develop a well-defined launch plan that details every stage of the rollout. Begin with a pre-launch, focusing on team leads and managers. This initial step enables you to pinpoint any challenges and collect insightful feedback before attempting a broader rollout. 

As you progress, make it a habit to look into the usage data available in the analytics section of the EngageWith dashboard. If you encounter any difficulties in interpreting or analyzing this data, don’t hesitate to reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager for assistance. Regularly review and assess these insights as part of your ongoing efforts for continuous improvement, a key factor in ensuring long-term success.

Encourage Leadership Participation

Leadership holds a pivotal role in driving EngageWith adoption. Encourage company leaders and managers to set an example by actively using the platform’s features from the beginning. The EngageWith team offers orientation sessions tailored for managers and leaders to ensure they are well-versed in utilizing the platform. 

When they actively engage with EngageWith features and recognize their teams, it establishes a positive precedent for the entire organization.

Engage on Social Media

Leverage the power of social media to showcase your organization’s commitment to employee engagement. By sharing your roll out plan, success of the initiative, and positive feedback, you demonstrate transparency and build trust within your organization. 

Moreover, this practice contributes to shaping a positive company culture and can attract potential talent by showcasing your dedication to employee well-being and professional growth. It’s a win-win strategy that strengthens your company’s online presence and reinforces your commitment to fostering a thriving workforce.

Leverage the EngageWith Team

EngageWith offers a dedicated team of employee engagement and culture experts, as well as customer success and account executives, who are ready to provide invaluable and ongoing support. We can assist you in various ways, from preparing for a pre-launch to conducting orientation sessions for managers on how to effectively utilize the platform. 

With a dedicated customer success manager by your side, we can collaborate to create a comprehensive rollout plan tailored to your timeline and business needs while also taking any challenges you are facing into consideration. 

A successful EngageWith launch is within your grasp. By following these best practices and tips, you can build a culture of appreciation that not only improves employee engagement but also drives productivity. Remember, EngageWith is a platform, but the real magic happens when it becomes an integral part of your team’s culture. Start your journey today and watch as your team becomes more engaged, empowered and productive.

EngageWith has empowered 1000+ companies to build a culture of appreciation. Explore the stories of our dedicated customers and discover how we’ve contributed to employee engagement and retention.

Mariam Mushtaq

I'm a Content Writer at Springworks. Drawing from my early career experience in HR, I bring a unique, insider's perspective. Driven by a passion for the People and HR function, I research and write about topics such as employee engagement and the future of work.

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