Best Zoom Theatre Games

9 Best Zoom Theatre Games For Virtual Gathering

Now you need not lose your energy and excitement even when convening with friends, family, and colleagues virtually. But, of course, there is no denying the fact that the online mode can cramp your style and leave you disinterested after a few minutes. That problem has a solution now. 

Find the best theater games to play on Zoom, and you can have loads of fun, never mind the distance. Here is a list of the best theatre and drama games that work brilliantly on Zoom.

Theater Games to Play on Zoom

1. Follow The Leader

Follow the leader is one of the top Zoom theater games for team-building efforts. In this game, one individual leads the team in movements and sounds. Every other team member copies that individual except one. This latter individual to find out the leader by watching how the team moves and changes movement. 

The group will choose the guesser and the leader. As the leader changes movement, the others mimic the team’s actions to keep the leader’s identity camouflaged. The guesser keeps eyes glued to the screen to see if they can identify the leader.

2. Accents

This game is one of the most popular virtual improv games and is designed to develop strong accents. In this guessing game, one player turns around with their back to the camera. The leader will share a set of slides on the screen with one accent listed for every slide. 

The team will follow the numbered order and speak a couple of sentences in the displayed accent. The player not looking at the screen must listen and identify the accent correctly.

3. Panel of Experts

Panel of Experts is one of the top-rated Zoom drama games and designed to improve skills. You appoint a group of players as a panel of experts. The group decides the topic. One player is the host, and the others are experts. 

The host introduces a show focused on the topic and asks each expert some questions on it. Then, the panel builds on the answers of other experts by saying, ‘That is right,’ to what the experts state. The idea is to enforce the ‘yes and’ concept in improv.

4. Break

Break is one of the leading online drama games for Zoom for small groups. The objective is to get through the alphabet while maintaining one’s composure. You can play the game by splitting the team into pairs. 

Without laughing, two players try to get through the alphabet, one from A to Z and the other in the reverse order. Both players try to make other laugh but cannot “break” or laugh themselves. If they lose, they have to start again. This sequence goes on till one player lasts the rules and is declared the ‘champion.’

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5. Alien, Tiger, Cow

One of Zoom’s most popular acting games, the objective here is to commit to an energetic choice. A large group generally plays this game with a leader appointed to count each round. All players have to select and act out one of the three characters. 

The players must play out each character with absolute commitment and freeze in their position after making the appropriate and relevant. The sounds are:

  • Alien (beep, beep)
  • Tiger (roar)
  • Cow (moo) 

The leader will count the number of Alien, Tigers, and Cows there are in the ensemble. The option with the least number of players acting out must leave by switching off their camera. This pattern will continue till only the last two players remain.

6. Read My Lips

Read My Lips is one of the commonly performed Zoom acting games. 

One participant puts their microphone on mute and reads out the name of any musical or any subject previously agreed to. Others try to read the player’s lips and figure out the name. The one who gets it right first wins a point and becomes the next reader. 

Before starting the game, players must come up with a few titles that they can use. The player who gets a certain number of points is declared the winner.

7. React and Act

React, and Act is one of the best fun drama games to play on Zoom. In this game, everyone comes up with a scenario, and others have to react to it. This game is also an excellent ice-breaker for new entrants. The player coming up with the most creative scenario is the winner.

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8. Tableau

Tableau is one of the best improv games to play on Zoom. First, the leader will show other players a picture. The group will then have a few minutes to gather materials and recreate the image of that picture using things lying around. The most creative interpretation wins. 

The game is regarded as one of the best improv exercises for Zoom because of the opportunity it provides for innovation and creativity.

9. Zip Zap Zop 

Zip Zap Zop figures as one of the favorite theater games to play on Zoom as it is very competitive and demands a sharp focus on tasks. The participants use the terms Zip, Zap, and Zop and a player’s name. If there is a stumbling, hesitation, or uttering of a wrong word, the participant is out. The game continues in this manner till only one player is left.
There are many other improv games for Zoom, online drama games, theater games, and fun drama games. The options are endless. If you choose the right ones for your team, they can help bring the focus and energy right back in these virtual meetings.

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