Employee Positive Feedback Examples

20 Impactful and Motivating Employee Positive Feedback Examples

Employees are the lifeblood of every organization. A thriving workplace focuses on taking care of them. Employee feedback is a crucial part of that. With 79% of employees going through burnout, it becomes imperative for organizations to motivate their employees with recognition and rewards for their hard work

Here’s the List of 20 Employee Positive Feedback Examples

  1. Bayer Canada
  2. Google
  3. Hubspot
  4. Whole Foods Market
  5. Paypal
  6. Fairmont Hotels and Resorts
  7. Snapchat
  8. Qualtrics
  9. Roto-Rooter
  10. Chobani
  11. Norton Healthcare
  12. Tophatter
  13. Yorkshire 
  14. Building Society 
  15. IPC Systems 
  16. Virgin Trains
  17. Legal Monkeys 
  18. Business Development Bank of Canada 
  19. Dribble 
  20. Siemens (Australia)

Here are 20 employee positive feedback examples you can learn from: 

1. Bayer Canada

In 2009, Bayer announced a recognition program with only monetary rewards. However, we know that tangible rewards only work to an extent. Employees want an intangible recognition of their work as well. They want appreciation and praise for what they do.

Therefore, in 2014, the company announced the ‘You Make Life Better’ program, which aimed to provide employees with meaningful recognition experiences. This employee recognition program resulted in employees being quickly recognized for their innovation and hard work. 

2. Google

Google is a great place to look if you are searching for examples of positive feedback for employees. Its recognition and rewards program is deeply rooted in its work culture. It has an incredible spot bonus program for providing rewards for achievement.

Additionally, it has a peer bonus program as well, using which employees can reward their co-workers. Sometimes, managers might not note the exemplary work of an employee. In cases like these, peers can recognize their team members. 

3. Hubspot

Hubspot has an incredible employee recognition program. It has a JEDI award for employees who have made a massive impact on the company and its customers. It has a HEART award for employees that show HEART (Humble, Empathetic, Adaptable, Remarkable, Transparent).

There is also a peer bonus program, where employees can give a $100 bonus to a co-worker who deserves recognition. Hubspot is one of the best performance feedback examples. 

4. Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods has a Team member appreciation week every year to celebrate its employees. In this event, employees can provide honest feedback to their peers as well. This idea is one of the most excellent constructive feedback examples for colleagues.

The employees get an additional 10% discount on top of the usual 20-30% store discount. They get a tote bag and $10 off on a transaction. There are also events such as yoga, soap making, cooking demos, etc. 

5. Paypal

Companies need an honest feedback policy. Paypal provides a great area of improvement for performance review examples. It has a spot award for rewarding employees for outstanding work as they occur – no need to wait for an annual event or show. Managers can nominate members of their team, as well as other employees that they work on a project with. 


6. Fairmont Hotels and Resorts

The service industry is based on the satisfaction of the customers. For positive feedback examples, we can turn to Fairmont Hotels and Resorts. It rewards employees who make the visits of guests memorable.

It also has an employee of the month award program, which recognizes the outstanding employee. Their programs are a celebration of employees and their contributions to the Organization. 

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts

7. Snapchat

Snapchat provides a unique program for its employees. It provides employees reimbursement of $10,000 if they adopt a child. Employees are also given an 8 week paid leave to take care of their children and bond with them.

These innovative ways of recognizing and taking care of employees go a long way in setting a precedent for other companies. In the future, we hope to see many companies following Snapchat’s footprints. 

8. Ohio Living

Ohio Living’s work culture revolves around recognizing and celebrating its employees. It knows that they are vital to their organization. Its program is one of the most incredible performances review feedback examples.

Every new employee’s first day is centered around introducing them to everyone who works in the office. Due to their investments in taking care of their employees, they have a high retention rate and low employee turnover. 

9. Qualtrics

Qualtrics has a unique employee feedback program that rewards employees for every year they work in the Organization. ‘We will reward you if you stay with us’ is one of the most useful positive employee feedback phrases.

After a year of working with the organization, employees will be eligible to get a chance to experience a dream or place that they want to visit. This experience bonus program is an excellent way to reduce employee turnover

10. Roto-Rooter

Companies with a large employee base often find it difficult to personalize their rewards. Generic gifts to all the employees don’t make them feel special. To change that, Roto-Rooter created a recognition award keeping in mind the employees and their needs.

Employees are rewarded with a gift that reflects their tastes and preferences. Unique gifts make employees feel appreciated and special. 

11. Chobani

Emails are a great way to announce the recognition of employee performances. Employees want to be praised in front of their peers. This makes them feel respected and valued.

Chobani announces their monthly awards through a company-wide email, ‘This month on bonusly’. Additionally, it also has a great work culture that appreciates its employees and their hard work. 

Chobani example

12. Norton Healthcare

The healthcare industry is a tough place to work in. It is difficult for employers to make the employees feel appreciated, considering how tough the field is. Norton wanted to find a way to do that. They came up with a program ‘N Recognition of You’ to appreciate the different things employees bring to the table. This program appreciates the small achievement that can often go unnoticed. 

13. Tophatter

Tophatter is an amazing place to work at. They send their employees a care package every month with gift cards, puzzles, and much more. They also provide a home-office budget so that employees can make work from home as comfortable as possible.

Even though working from the office is not possible, Tophatter is working towards making employees feel connected even from home. 

14. Yorkshire Building Society

YBS sets a work environment where employees can set positive feedback examples for colleagues. Many times, supportive employees that do not directly deal with clients and consumers go unnoticed. So, YBS came up with a solution.

After two years with the organization, employees will get a personalized yearbook with comments from managers and peers, along with pictures. Within a few months, thousands of comments and pictures were added to hundreds of yearbooks. 

15. IPC Systems

IPC systems recognized that employees needed a personal connection with managers and peers. There are many forms of recognition to establish a genuine connection among the people in the Organization. Employees get appreciation with shout-outs at meetings, calls from senior managers, praise on social media, and one-time payment.

By using different approaches, YBS successfully ties the employees together and fuels a feeling of camaraderie among them. 

16. Virgin

Waiting for a monthly ceremony or a team meeting to give recognition to employees might not be the best idea. They want to be valued right after they put in extra work, or do something worthwhile. The company came up with e-cards that managers can write as soon as they see outstanding performance from an employee.

These cards could keep up with the fast-paced and constantly moving sphere of the industry. The revamped program was immensely successful and boosted employee morale significantly. 

Legal Monkeys wanted everyone to share employee positive feedback examples. So, they created a program where employees can show their appreciation to colleagues by writing down their comments.

The comments are then shared on social media as well so that employees feel valued. Legal Monkeys is paving the way for other companies to make changes to their employee feedback policies and programs. 

18. Business Development Bank of Canada

A top-down strategy where managers recognize their employees and team members might not work fully. Instead, a peer-to-peer recognition program can make all the difference to employee recognition, and provide employee positive feedback examples.

BDC’s new program is called ‘Exclamat!on’, allowing employees in all the company’s offices to recognize each other for outstanding work. 

19. Dribble

Companies are trying new things to recognize their employees. Innovation and uniqueness in this sphere are crucial to keeping morale high. Dribble has a culture of creating programs that reward employees in special ways.

One of their best and renowned programs is celebrity shout-outs for employees in team meetings. Many celebrities such as Sena Austin and Rebecca Black have made appearances there.

20. Siemens (Australia)

Siemens launched its ‘Shine’ program to shine the light on its employees’ impressive display of work. They wanted to reward their employees with personalized gifts, instead of gift cards.

The program works by allowing employees and managers to give outshine points to other employees across Siemens offices in Australia. Employees can then use their shine points to get a gift of their choosing. 


Positive employee feedback is crucial to keep them motivated. Especially with a raging pandemic, it is a good time for you to focus on valuing their employees. You can take cues from these twenty impactful and motivating employee feedback examples in the article. Add your vision and twist to programs and make your employees feel special. 

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