Life as an intern at Springworks| Anushka Vaishampayan, Megha Kishore K & Rohan Mankad

Each day, everyone at Springworks comes into work with a true passion for building products and tools to simplify the lives of hiring and recruiting managers. We are artists, innovators, achievers, and dreamers with a one-track mind to fine-tune the products that we build on the blockchain, achieving precision. We showcase our team members, their roles, and what a typical day looks like for them through this series of posts. You can check all the posts here

We started the series talking to our interns to understand how it is like working at Springworks, their ambitions and their thoughts about technology.

We are rated 4.8 on Glassdoor 

Interning is the perfect opportunity to gain first-hand experience of the world of work and kickstart your career. Here we sit down with Anushka Vaishampayan, Megha Kishore K, and Rohan Mankad, HR interns with Springworks’ Human Resources team, to get a flavour of what life is like as a Springworks’ intern.

Anushka joined us remotely in March 2021, while both Megha and Rohan onboarded in April 2021. All of them work across different functions, but there’s one thing that they work on collaboratively – Employee Engagement.

Ever since they’ve joined our Springworks team, the Employee Engagement game has leveled up. They have been doing a fantastic job engaging employees at Springworks by running great initiatives.

Let’s take a deep dive into their lives!

What are your day-to-day responsibilities? Describe the projects you’re working on. 

Anushka: To begin with, my role was focusing on writing blog posts for our product, EngageWith, and handling administrative tasks involved in the recruitment processes at Springworks such as resourcing, scheduling, and interviewing. 

But, during my time here I’ve taken on more and more responsibilities around Employee Engagement activities with amazing help from the rest of the team.

My role typically requires the development of an employee engagement plan that could include activities designed to build these relationships. 

My team and I play the role of engagement humorist by bringing enthusiasm, excitement, and inspiration to the process. By introducing, implementing, and organizing employment engagement activities, we try to foster a stimulating workplace that values the individual contributions of each employee and recognizes productive collaboration. 

Megha: As a Human Resources intern, I started by restructuring Springworks’ Employee handbook, and being involved in the  performance management such as quarterly review etc.

A typical day involves working through the full life-cycle of recruitment – everything from resourcing, and scheduling, to interviewing and onboarding candidates. 

Springworks’ has recently launched its Podcast, The Shape of Work. I’ve been doing the reach-outs to industry leaders and ensuring we keep getting new guests for this project.

Rohan: I’ve been primarily working on the reach-outs and profiling part of our Podcast project, The Shape of Work.

I’ve also hosted a guest for a conversation on the topic of the role of Positive Psychology in HR.

Since we’ve recently started the Intern of the Month program at Springworks, I work within this project across interns ratings, scaling, etc.

I’m also involved in running Employee Engagement initiatives. I mean, it’s Anushka who comes up with great ideas, and we work on implementing them altogether.

Where do you hope to go with this internship, or in your career in general?

Rohan: The entire point of getting into HR is to get into the performance management and Training & Development functions of it. I would love to work across these areas of HR.

Megha: Being able to gain industry experience while studying is a huge plus. I intend to work in the Talent acquisition function of HR in the future. Springworks provides immense learning for its interns and sets the bar so high. I’ve also worked with another company prior to Springworks, and I can say that I have nothing to compare.

Anushka: I would love to work across employee engagement. Diversity and inclusion functions of HR. I would like to be involved in D&I initiatives and/or projects that are aligned to gender equality.

Why Springworks, and why not any other company?

Anushka: Every intern at Springworks is treated like everyone else in the organization, we have our own scope of activities, roles & responsibilities, as well as goals and development plans. Thanks to that I am the owner of my development plan and feel that my work is valued by others.

Megha: A friend of mine told me good things about Springworks. After reading the Glassdoor reviews and knowing more about the organization, I applied for the opportunity, and I’m glad that I did.

Rohan: I like the fact that Springworks is a remote-first company that focuses a lot on employee engagement. Springworks focuses on employee engagement and is process-oriented.

To sum it up, I would say that Springworks practices what it preaches. It has processes in place like MNCs, and freedom like a startup.

Walk us through a day in your life!

Anushka: I wake up at 9 am, get freshen up and start my work at 9.45 am. To start with the day, I check emails and slack messages for any important tasks.

After this, Rohan, Megha, and I get on a call to discuss our tasks for the day. The first half of my day goes into making calls to the candidates for reach-outs or scheduling interviews and writing blog posts. The other half of my day, I get involved with employee engagement activities. 

After my office work, I go for a run ( a habit I picked up during the lockdown), and the rest of the evening I watch Netflix and since I’m in the last year of my graduation in Psychology, I also have to work on my thesis from time to time

Megha: I am an early riser so I wake up at 6.30 am. I get to freshen up, Go for a walk, and have breakfast.

I start my work at 9 am, check my emails and slack messages to see for any updates or backlogs. Then I usually have lunch break around 2 pm.

After that, I work on the recruitment side of things, and employee engagement activities. It is 6.30 pm by the time I get my work done for the day.

I start my work at around 9.30 am with a call with my teammates. Post that, I usually have new hires onboarding on a Monday where I have to make sure that things go smoothly. After this, I work on our Podcast project. 

I prefer to take a break after a few hours of work when I sit away from my desk and chill for a while. Then, I work until 6 pm on the intern reviews. Post office work, it’s family time, so I spend some time with them and have dinner.

What did you learn at Springworks?

Anushka: Taking on an internship at Springworks while in college allowed me to work in my desired field, helping me decide if the field is right for me or not. 

Megha: People skills I’ve learned working at Springworks range from communication with people, executing tasks, working on feedback, and iteration.

Rohan: The learning curve is high here than the other companies I’ve worked with, in the past. Springworks is an employee-centric organization. I’ve learned how important it is for an HR person to understand things from the employee’s perspective and take them into consideration. I’m a fan of transparency here.

Internship at Springworks offers me the chance to learn by doing in a setting where I am supervised by senior professionals and have the opportunity to achieve my own learning goals.

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