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“I cannot imagine a day where we don’t have EngageWith in our workspace; it’s an important  part of SpotDraft.”


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150+Software Development
  • Team bonding in a hybrid set-up
  • Building a culture of instant recognition
  • Employee performance does not come to the fore as often in a virtual setting

SpotDraft is a contract automation and management software. SpotDraft makes end-to-end contract lifecycles smoother, faster, and easier, so lawyers get more time to focus on work that really matters. The AI-driven solution empowers in-house legal teams to save up to 10 hours per week and helps them close deals 25% faster, freeing them to focus on more strategic projects. SpotDraft includes a contract creator, a contract repository, a collaboration tool, a native and fully compliant e-signing solution and personalized data-driven Insights. SpotDraft is made by lawyers for lawyers with the idea to make the in-house legal team business enablers.


We recently caught up with Husnaa B, Business Partner- Human Resources at SpotDraft on employee engagement challenges for a hybrid organization, the best practices to build a people-centric culture, and how instant recognitions can help employees feel valued. Read On.

Can you tell us about SpotDraft and your typical work day?

Absolutely! SpotDraft is a contract automation and management software built for businesses of all sizes. It helps organizations to create, store, and manage their contracts more efficiently. We were founded in 2017 and leverage AI to enable in-house legal teams to deliver faster and focus on work that matters by eliminating mundane and repetitive tasks from their to-do list.
Since our inception, we’ve scaled exponentially and now have a team of around 150  across India and the USA.

A typical day for me is a combination of operations and strategy. We are a hybrid setup, so there are many areas to manage. I am also responsible for structure, organization policies and the stuff, so I would say anything and everything HR. 

What are the employee engagement challenges for a hybrid setup?

So the joke internally is that I am always in the office, and I practically live here 😁. On a serious note, we are very much a hybrid organization, and we do have flexible working hours. Working from the office or home is completely up to the employees. We encourage teams to work out of the office once every quarter to connect with the team.  That is so that we can put faces to the people and have in-person interactions and collaboration.

The employment engagement challenge that we primarily face is a lack of connections, working in silos, and low team engagement. The obstacle here is to understand how we can keep everybody engaged whether working from the office or their homes.

How has EngageWith solved your employee engagement challenges?

So, employee engagement is a larger spectrum, and recognition is definitely one of the areas. What EngageWith has solved for us is that it has helped us build a culture of instant recognition. In the office, you see people working; there is constant communication, stand-ups, and meetings, where everyone knows what’s happening and what each team member is working on.

In a hybrid setup, employee performance can get unnoticed. We do not know if someone has done a phenomenal job unless the manager points it out or it is announced in an email or a meeting. I would say working in silos, lack of appreciation can quickly make an employee feel disengaged. EngageWith has definitely solved this challenge for us. There are manager recognitions, cross-team recognitions and team recognitions. The best part is that this is done publicly, and it absolutely feels great. It especially empowers the individual contributors to receive the appreciation they deserve and feel valued for their work. 

what Spot Draft accomplished using EngageWith

That’s great! How did you tackle employee recognition before EngageWith?

We had a gratitude channel that we used to highlight a job well done. However, this was limited to Sales and customer-facing teams. Typically, the revenue-generating teams were the ones who were getting highlighted and appreciated. This happens because numbers are quantifiable. It was rather difficult to recognize the behind the scene employees without quantifiable data. 

We wanted to change this and bring forth all the teams & recognize everyone doing their bit for SpotDraft. . EngageWith helped us with that. The instant recognition created visibility for people beyond revenue-driven teams to be rewarded for their contributions. Here, I would also appreciate the managers and team leads who constantly gave feedback that we need such a tool in our workspace. Team leaders were persistent on getting an incentivised reward and recognition platform, and what’s better than EngageWith. 

HUSNAA B - SpotDraft Testimonial

What made you choose EngageWith as your tool for employee rewards and recognition?

So, conceptually, a rewards and recognition tool looks like a perfect fit for a scaling organization. But as an HR, there are a lot of elements that need to align for us to implement a tool. The recognition gap was there, but when we evaluate a tool, it has to be:

  1.  Easy to use
  2.  Intuitive
  3.  Measurable

EngageWith ticked all these boxes. The game changer for us was the 90-day pilot. A trial period really allows us to play around with the tool, analyze if it’s a fit for us, and actually see the data. The engagement report card that was created was essential in getting management buy-in. When you showcase the results, it becomes easier for the management to approve and for the HRs to implement. The trial period helped me convince the stakeholders that this tool will work well for us in the long run and empower us to build the kind of culture we want.

How has attaching rewards to the recognitions worked for you?

Oh, that’s a hit at SpotDraft. During the setup, we were clear that rewards would be a part of the pilot. In my opinion, mere recognition does not move the needle. If it’s not incentivised, in the long run, people are going to lose interest, and the motivation to recognize will dip. Also, it’s a cool idea to empower employees to select their own rewards and why not. They have worked hard and received recognition, and it’s only fair that they get to choose how they redeem their points.

We have seen the impact. Not only are people recognizing their teammates, peers, and managers, but they love the ability to use their points to redeem something for themselves.

Has the team bonding and collaboration increased after using EngageWith?

Absolutely! The one feature that has really worked well for us is add-on recognition. So one person recognizes a teammate for a job well done, and others can chime in with add-on recognitions. This helps immensely. Like, the efforts are recognized publicly, and the others in the organization are also joining in to appreciate the efforts. It helps collaboration and team bonding, and we have seen it first-hand.

HUSNAA B - SpotDraft Testimonial 2

How has the team taken to EngageWith?

Pretty well, I would say. As I said earlier, there were managers and team leads who approached me to take up this initiative and get a tool in place. So for these members, it was super smooth to get them on board. There were some teams who were not used to it, and although it took some time for me to get them on board, now, even they value the culture of instant recognition.

You have recently tried the eNPS feature in EngageWith; how was your experience with it?

It has been great. The report has given us valuable insights into what our employees think of SpotDraft’s work culture and what improvements can be made. I have also tried Pulse Surveys, which is an easy way to get employee feedback. Earlier, I used to struggle with Google forms and getting employees to fill it up, but now it’s super easy. 

Want to know how EngageWith can boost your employee engagement?

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