Using Creative Videos In a Work-From-Home Setting

How to Stay Productive Using Creative Videos In a Work-From-Home Setting

The COVID-19 pandemic has been quite a change for many. The work culture has changed significantly – the 9-5 office routine nearly came to an end, and people had to communicate through Zoom calls and webinars.

Working from home became a regime instead of being a short-term solution. It was meant to be a matter of a few weeks, but now the culture and trends are here to stay.

In working from home, the biggest luxury is improved flexibility, but at the same time, it also means limited opportunities for many.

Videos have turned out to be a lifesaver in this time of the work-from-home culture. Many depend on videos for learning, communicating, interacting, and engaging with peers and authorities.

How to Use Creative Videos In a Work-From-Home Setting

Here are some essential work-from-home tips using videos that can help you grasp and share more while you are busy displaying your talents and skills through your productivity.

1. Use Video Templates

If you make videos often, now you also have the liberty to reduce your workload by using video templates. Many platforms allow you to tweak video templates these days.

All you need to do is edit an existing animation, add your updates, and share your video project with your managers or peers without investing a lot of effort.

The online world is full of opportunities, and such new features will make your work easier while also augmenting your learning and know-how. 

2. Easily Record Video Conferences for Reference

Video meetings have become a norm since 2020, and all formal and professional meetings, even appraisals, are happening online, be it through one-to-one or group meetings.

But to have a good video conference call, you must always have a good connection and a keen ear to concentrate on the crucial points discussed in the meeting. There could be a chance that you may have missed out on something or lost connection mid-way.

Video conferencing software that helps you record the minutes of the meeting can help you get a gist of what was communicated in the call.

Delegate the responsibility of summarizing the minutes of an online meeting into a 30-second video to one person. That way, you don’t have to worry about missing out on any information.

3. Use Videos for Training and Development

Videos help you learn more and interact with your peers better in a more conducive manner.

You can create interactive and engaging videos to train and mentor your coworkers through various presentations and data-based content to ensure enhanced learning and upskilled productivity.

4. Inform Yourself and Others Better by Creating Tutorials, How-tos, and Q&A-based Videos          

If you have a great idea on how to help others working remotely or to launch a new campaign for your business, use videos to explain it.

It turns out that explaining complex ideas and misunderstood information using diagrams, explanations, examples, graphs, charts, graphics, and illustrations in a video is much more helpful – all of which you can create with procreate brushes.. This way, sharing the idea with more people is easier without leaving room for ambiguity. 

5. Learn a New Skill

While working from home, you may find ample space and time to hone your skills and even learn new ones. Take online training through videos or learn new tricks and tips which can help you in your current profession or even help you delve into another one.

For example, you could watch videos on learning how to create graphics or how to edit videos using a professional online video editor. This could involve watching tutorials and learning how to make cool and eye-catching animation effects.

You could also learn how to make effective presentations or write SEO-enriched content for your business or company. It will help you multitask, and you will be able to add a new skill or talent to your portfolio. 

6. Start a New Project Using Video Planners

If you have a new project or idea, use videos to make it happen!

Create a video planner to facilitate communication with everyone involved in the project. Video Planners record the project phases, stakeholders, and additional details that need to be shared.

You can then share it on your screen, discuss your plans, or email your colleagues for questions and feedback so that everyone is on the same wavelength and knows how to achieve the aim and vision.

7. Use Videos to Communicate With Your Team Members

Working from home doesn’t stop collaboration and communication. Create a powerful and informative presentation to help your team absorb all the vital information using offline or online powerpoint.

Narration is useful if you can’t be there directly to explain the data to your team or manager. You can statistically explain ideas and reports or simply create an animated version of your report to guide your audience through the data and highlight important points that you want your report to cover.

You can also create a video infographic and share it during the conversation to make it easier to explain what the data means.

8. Entertain Others Using Videos    

A short and humorous animation for social media or email sharing is a wonderful way to bring a smile to people’s faces and show the human side of your business. When sharing via email, pay attention to domain security and have a dmarc report to guarantee domain authority.

You can share how you conduct meetings, make funny animations, change your desktop to quirky images, and share vital information in a fun way with your target audience.

This not only brings in a fun factor while working online but also gives a more visual and more productive outlook to your remote work setting.

9. Post an Interview-based Video

Record an interview where you are talking about your products and services or your brand and business and circulate it across platforms through videos, so your viewers understand your work.

Besides providing a marketing perspective, interview-based videos also provide solutions to regular problems and help viewers identify various alternatives to a given query.

10. Answer FAQs

Take this opportunity to communicate with your audience, your subordinates, and peers through videos and clarify their doubts.

You can answer frequently asked questions based on your work profile, company goals and objectives, the aim of your work, or your expectations about meeting targets.


In the course of experiencing the many advantages and disadvantages of remote work during the pandemic, workers and their efficiency often get affected.

If you strengthen your basics and enhance your learning through informative videos online, you won’t lose your sense of productivity and will figure out all the essentials for working from home.

Besides learning from videos, you must follow well-organized routines and use the right processes and technology to surpass the unique challenges this situation presents.

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