Top 5 Tools For Recruiting In The Age Of AI

Top 5 Tools For Recruiting In The Age Of AI

In the age of Artificial intelligence, companies are heavily investing and finding ways to improve the efficiency of hiring and retaining their best employees. 

According to SHRM, 88% of companies around the globe have used AI to improve their HR workflow which shows that businesses are looking for ways to reduce the time spent on labour-intensive tasks such as recruiting, onboarding, engaging, and retaining their best employees. As a result, HR professionals can focus more on strategizing and value-adding activities. 

Due to this increase in demand, hundreds of new AI recruiting tools are flooding the market, and finding the right fit for your business is more difficult than ever. So If you are running a HR department that needs AI intervention in recruiting then this is the article for you. 

How AI helps in improving the overall workflow of an hr 

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way and due to its refined ability to automate a number of tasks HR professionals are able to hand off some of their labour-intensive work such as sourcing of candidates, pre-screening of resumes, interviewing and onboarding to not only save time but money as well. 

AI Recruiting tools can help speed up your hiring process. 

As per SHRM research, on average Hr departments takes 36 days to fill a role which can get significantly reduced by automating the most time-consuming jobs, for example, Infosys was able to reduce the time spent by 55 % by automating certain manual tasks and as popular quote says “time is money which brings us to the next part

AI helps to reduce the cost of hire

According to Zippa the average cost of recruiting a non-executive employee is 4700 $ while the average cost of hiring an executive employee is 14,936$ which could get significantly reduced by reducing the time spent on manual tasks such as screening employees which can be easily taken care of by automation, a case study by Infosys shows that they were able to save 0.68 million USD by automating a number of manual tasks in their HR department. 

AI can help your company recruit an unbiased workforce

Diversity and inclusiveness provide many benefits to a company. According to research by Gartner, an inclusive team performs 30 % better in a diverse environment, which emphasises that companies have to find ways to remove biases from their hiring process AI can help in producing unbiased hiring decisions in future, but we have to make sure that we are training AI on the right data set and multiple tests should be performed to make sure that AI is making unbiased decisions, which is difficult but achievable. 

Best AI recruiting tool


Fetcher is an amazing sourcing tool that uses machine learning and human intelligence to let you focus on the human side of recruitment. Fetcher’s algorithm finds the best candidates according to the specified search criteria on the web but to make sure each candidate is a good fit, a team of sourcing experts check and customise each list to make sure only the best candidates are shared to the user. 

Important features of Fetcher:

  • Automated curation of candidates with Human supervision 
  • Outreach tool for reaching out to a curated list of candidates
  • Analytics that helps in measuring team performance and shows in what stage each candidate is at any given time 
  • It has the ability to integrate with Slack, Gmail, outlook and multiple ATS
  • The calendar scheduling plugin helps with fast and brand-personalised interview scheduling 


Jobadder is an excellent AI sourcing tool that helps with sourcing the best talent and provides you with the ability to source from 200 different job portals. Their AI algorithm allows you to match the right candidate from the talent pool scraped from the web with the skills required for a job, so recruiters can go forward with the best candidates. 

Important features of Jobadder: 

  • Ability to simultaneously post jobs on 200 portals and it has the ability to post the same on social media for increasing reach
  • Automatically Optimising talent acquisition with talent matching 
  • Smart automation for simplifying workflow by automating candidate assessment, and tracking hiring progress 
  • It helps in enhancing the Candidate experience 


Turbohire is an all in one AI recruiting software that uses automation, NLP and flexible search capabilities to take care of sourcing, Talent screening, candidate engagement, Interview automation and onboarding. Turbohire is most useful for companies looking to mass hire and it can help in hiring employees from around the globe.

Important features of Turbohire:

  • It proves the ability to customise sourcing of employees, where you can choose to source candidates from multiple job boards or nurture candidates from LinkedIn and other sources. 
  • Ai generated scoring of candidates to find the best candidate
  • Customizable templates that can help in reaching out to candidates at the right time, Helping in enhancing candidates’ engagement
  • Automated Interview Scheduling

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is an all-in-one recruitment software that helps with sourcing candidates, parsing resumes, enhancing candidates’ experience with the help of a chatbot a lot more. Zoho also helps with matching the candidates with the right skills with the help of Zia’s candidate matcher. Which helps recruiters to focus on the best candidates from a pile of resumes. 

Important features of Zoho Recruit: 

  • It has the ability to source employees through major job boards and allows you to manually add candidates with the click of a button.
  • Cloud-based software makes it an easy-to-access tool. 
  • Customizable AI screening workflow builder 
  • Zip code-based sourcing is possible with Zoho


Humanly is an AI recruiting tool that helps with screening, scheduling, candidate engagement, reference check and Interview assistance that helps companies to mass hire. One of the key feature of this tool is interview assistance where AI generates Follow ups, analytics and actionable insights from the interview that helps recruiters to work on the most important factor i.e. Human conversations. 

Important features of Humanly:


SpringVerify is an AI and blockchain-powered background check solution provider that helps companies to hire the right candidate by running multiple checks such as education verification, criminal record check and 20 other such checks so that you can save yourself from hiring the wrong candidate and not hire an employee who has not achieved required credits according to course timeline or syllabus

Important features of SpringVerify:

  • Enhancing candidate experience by providing a user-friendly portal where candidates can easily provide personal data and check the status of their background check
  • Easy integration with popular tools with the use of API
  • Compliance experts. 

Is Implementing AI recruiting tools enough?

No, It’s equally important for the Human resource team to implement AI after recruiting to not only help HR professionals but also the employees of your company as Ai can help in enhancing the productivity of employees, retaining employees and employees’ wellness as well.

There are multiple use cases of using AI, for example, you can use AI tools to find ways to improve employees’ performance and retain them or use an AI image generator or AI logo generator or video presentation tools to enhance your employees’ creativity and teamwork during team-building activities

We also have our own AI Knowledge bot Albus helping employees gain the right knowledge at the right time after you have recruited them


Albus is a knowledge bot that can easily make workflow convenient for your employees as your company can easily compile companies documents in Albus for easy access of employees due to its chatgpt like AI abilities where employees can simply ask questions in Slack and Albus will go through your companies documents and provide the most relevant information saving a lot of time for your employees and decreasing the hassle of going through lengthy documents. 

Important features of Albus:

  • Albus helps in saving time by answering important employees’ queries directly in Slack without human intervention
  • It helps streamline internal communication for easy access of information to your employees
  • It helps Hr departments to keep track of employee doubts using analytics gathered by Albus. 
  • CCPA and GDPR compliance with state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols to keep your data secure

Also if you are not on Slack Albus will soon be available on Chrome where you can easily summarise information from the web page you are visiting without being required to read lengthy text with its GPT-4 capabilities. 


In conclusion, Recruiting with the help of AI is helping recruiters to automate a number of tasks such as sourcing, parsing resumes, enhancing employee experience with chatbots, and a lot of other tasks and allows recruiters to gain an advantage in the highly competitive job market to build the best workforce without the limitation of human capabilities. 

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