a day in the life of a software engineer

Life at Springworks: A day in the life of a Software Engineer

Each day, everyone at Springworks comes into work with a true passion for building products and tools for the HR ecosystem. We are artists, innovators, achievers, and dreamers, with a one-track mind to fine-tune the products that we build. Through this series of posts, we showcase our team members, their roles, and what a typical day looks like for them. You can check all the posts here.

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Megha Bansal joined Springworks in December, 2019. She works as a MERN stack developer for one of our products – SpringScan (SpringVerify). She has previously worked for Cognizant as a Software Engineer.

Being a Java developer before, she learned Reactjs from scratch and started working on projects in the MERN stack at Springworks. 

“I feel lucky to have got a great opportunity to learn new skills at Springworks”, she quotes.

Here is a discussion with Megha:

Tell me a little about your job role at Springworks.

I am responsible for producing scalable software solutions and being a part of a cross-functional team that’s responsible for the full software development life cycle, from conception to deployment.

As a full-stack developer, I work around both frontend and backend coding languages, development frameworks and third-party libraries. 

Are you in a team environment or do you work independently? What type of people do you work with? 

I’ve been working independently for SpringScan as a frontend developer. As part of this project, I built and developed the product from scratch in React.js

As part of a team, on the other hand, I’ve been working on multiple projects with 5-10 members. In each project, I get to work with a different set of people. Some own their work and bring new ideas every time and some are in the learning phase and passionate about their work. Working in a team teaches me a lot.

What do you like best about your job?

My favorite part is logic building. I love to split the big problem into small ones to focus on each problem in a better way, by either using pseudocodes in a program or simply on a piece of paper.

What is your proudest accomplishment at Springworks?

The proudest accomplishment was being recognized as a ‘Champion’ of the company. I’m mostly appreciated by the kudos “Own my work” on EngageWith because I love to take ownership of each and every task assigned to me.

Being a Full-stack developer must present a unique set of challenges. How do you go about solving for them?

Whenever assigned a new project, it is difficult to read someone else’s code because you have to figure out how someone else’s code works. 

You have to figure out their data paradigm, the algorithms they are using, how the code flows, you have to decipher the quirky bits of code, and their naming conventions, formatting, etc which you are not used to.

Communication is important to overcome this challenge.

Also, this four-step process is simple and saves me a lot of time and effort; all you need to do is:

  • Run the code and explore the results.
  • Find the main function or the start point of the code.
  • Run the code under the debugger and fully understand the code’s mechanics.
  • Build a mind map of the connections between the different code elements and use it at any time you interact with the code.

What types of jobs have you had in the past?

Before joining Springworks, I worked as a Java developer for 6 months. I joined here as a MERN stack developer, learned Reactjs and worked on it from scratch. Now, I can say that I have a  good command of it, hence I earned the opportunity to become part of 4 projects simultaneously at Springworks.

Walk us through a day in the life of Megha!

  • Get up at 6 am.
  • Do Yoga or Cardio
  • Help my mother with household chores
  • Check work emails & Slack
  • Start work at 10.30 am
  • Attend team meetings
  • Cook or sketch in my spare time
  • Work till 8.30 pm
  • Have dinner
  • Spend time with my family
  • Sleep

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I love to cook and sketch in my free time. I’ve been doing more of it while being at home these days. Here are some pictures:

Megha’s cooking art
Sketches made by Megha

What keeps you at Springworks?

Friendly and polite co-workers, learning opportunities and the growth of the company.

The organization offers flexible office timings and cares about the well-being of its employees.
Everyone on the team has something to teach other members.

Want to join the team? Check out open roles at Springworks.

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