Break the ice. Engage. Bond.

Through fun, social and
instant games.

Trivia for Slack & Microsoft Teams is trusted by 10,000+ organizations across the world, and now we're bringing the award-winning app to the web.

Virtual team building games and quizzes

400,000+ employees from 10,000+ organizations across the globe rely on Trivia for team bonding


Instant Trivia Quizzes

1000s of Quizzes. Unlimited fun.

Host Trivia Quizzes. In seconds.

With over 50,000 MCQ-type questions across 30+ categories like music, movies, business, technology and history, Trivia can help you 10x virtual team building.

New Quizzes. EVERY week.

Mother's Day, the French Open, Friends: The Reunion, Christmas, whatever the occasion may be, we have you covered. If something is trending, you'll see it on Trivia.

Meant for fun. Purpose-built for work.

All our questions are hand-picked by engagement specialists, curated by our content team and analyzed by AI models so that you have the best experience.

Pictionary taken virtual

The classic game, without any preparation.

No pens, whiteboards and dusters. No mess.

Right from digital whiteboards to moderators to score calculators, Trivia takes care of everything.

Feels as good as playing in person.

Pictionary brings out the funny, artistic side of your colleagues you don't get to see usually. On top of that you get to see them make hilarious guesses!

Build stronger bonds at work

Encourage participation, boost camaraderie and enliven your virtual happy hours with Trivia.

Take a break. Unwind with your team.

Bring your team together for quick 5-minute breaks. Bond over fun and social games. Get to know each other every time you play.

Stir up some friendly competition.

Trivia comes integrated with an organization-wide, dynamic leaderboard. So if you're a trivia fanatic, you will be remembered.

Play together,
Bond better

Trivia is all about post-game banter, inside jokes and laugh riots. It lightens the mood, creates a lively atmosphere and helps you truly bond with your teammates.


Team bondings


Increase in productivity


Faster peer-to-peer connections


Employees report a fresher, happier, relaxed mindset

You're in good hands

Trivia for Slack & Microsoft Teams has been featured on Slack & G2 time after time

10,000+ organizations use Trivia to build camaraderie,
collaboration, and connections among teammates.

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