21 Virtual Christmas Games to Play on Zoom in 2021

Virtual Christmas Games to Play on Zoom

The Christmas season is around the corner. With subtle COVID-19 restrictions in many countries and restricted international travels, one needs to find ways to keep the mood and spirits high on Christmas.

The good thing is that we can use apps like Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet to play Christmas games online and connect with remote teams, friends and family. Today, this article will talk about 21 virtual Christmas games to play on Zoom in 2021. 

Before starting to play free Zoom Christmas games virtually, one key thing is to ensure that your internet connectivity is stable and fast. Else, the internet connection can prove to be a big spoilsport!

So let us now start with twenty-one online Christmas Games to Play on Zoom. 

21 Virtual Christmas Games To Play On Zoom

1. Online Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are not games meant only for kids. Adults love to play this game equally. Being online can be interesting and fun with a virtual scavenger hunt game. Some of the questions that can be asked include:

  • The most memorable Christmas gift received to date
  • The gift item that you kept with yourself for the longest time.
  • A Christmas movie that you enjoy the most.
  • The best photo click from Christmas
  • The best place visited during Christmas
  • People you love to celebrate Christmas with, and so on.

2. Christmas Carols on Karaoke

No Christmas celebration is complete without the singing of the customary Carols. Things can get nostalgic as you reminisce the time you spent together with your family and friends. No worries because you can download an online Karaoke player and get everyone to sing and collab together.

Choose an app that can be shared with all attendees of the event using screen share. Once you press play, the lyrics will start to show, and everyone will start singing together. A great way to bond and celebrate!

3. Make a Guess

It is another online game that is a great way to celebrate Christmas virtually. Every attendee is given a character – it could be a famous sportsperson, a celebrity, or a fictional character. The game is about guessing the character’s name through a series of ‘yes and ‘no.’

4. A Christmas quiz

One of the best Christmas Games for Zoom is curating a Christmas quiz and carrying it out virtually with remote friends and colleagues. One of the attendees can be given the task to create the questions and ask or compare. Of course, there could be rewards, and to make the quiz more interesting, you could make it person-specific.

5. A cooking game online

How about getting hands-on with this festival and that too virtually? This game is one of the best Zoom Christmas Games where you can organize a chocolate-making session. One way to add value is to get a pastry chef to help everyone through the steps.

You can also share links to a few sites that feature step-by-step cake-making processes. Later, the cake can be enjoyed together!

6. A dress-up competition

It is a simple Christmas Games To Play On Zoom With Coworkers, family, and friends. Each person gets to dress like their favorite character or dress up in their preferred costumes. A winner can get applauded and given a prize.

7. Gingerbread Wars

A gingerbread kit is sent out to all the attendees. The kit typically would consist of candies and frosting, gingerbread people, and more. The game revolves around completing the gingerbreads – the most creative work and the one who completes it fast gets rewards.

8. A cracker making workshop

Another Fun Christmas Games To Play On Zoom is this game of making crackers online. No Christmas celebration is complete without the ceremonial crackers. Ensure that all participants have a DIY cracker-making kit before starting the meeting. Then, refer to a site or hire a professional who will guide participants to make the crackers virtually.

9. A virtual Bingo with a Christmas theme

Bingos can be fun at all ages. This game is the perfect way for your remote team members to know more about each other. The best way to bring about all-around participation is to use unique words and phrases and then test how many participants can remember.

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10. Opening virtual gifts

Another game that you can play Zoom is to have attendees open virtual gifts. People have the choice to reopen an already opened gift or unwrap a new one. Continue till all gifts are unwrapped, and then make sure that the gifts reach the right person after the game.

11. Virtual Charades

Charades are pleasurable any time of the day and at any age. Virtual charades are a favorite – you can choose a range of topics for the charade. It can be a song, book, or movie, or you could find different ways to spice up the event.

12. A Christmas Trivia

Whether it is an online or offline Christmas party, trivia is an excellent way to start the Christmas celebrations. First, ensure that the rules are laid down and informed to all prior. Then, have participants answer using the raise hand feature or have their cameras on or even use the poll features for answering. 

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13. Making Christmas ornaments

Creating ornaments for Christmas is one of the great Games To Play On Zoom For Christmas. Even if you do not share a tree, you can enjoy each other’s company to make adornments for the tree together. 

14. Click a virtual photo and make an X-mas card

Get a group photo clicked during the Christmas party on Zoom and have everybody create a Christmas card using the same. Ensure that the photograph is clicked with the background and people dress up accordingly. 

15. Yuletide Pictionary

Use the whiteboard feature of Zoom to play this game. Each team member is given one word that they need to draw on the board, and others need to guess the same. 

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16. A slide-show on Christmas

Christmas is the time to enjoy and make merry. Therefore, it is the right moment to compile the memories into a video or a slide show. The memories could be about the one year gone by or have each work on a personal slide and compile into one. 

17. Reading stories together

Another Online Christmas Games For Zoom is to choose a classic Christmas-centric story and read out, turn by turn. While the idea may sound childish, online reading together can be a great collaborative idea. 

18. Guess the Gift

Christmas is a gifting time, too, and everyone looks forward to gifts. Guess the Gift is an engaging Online Christmas Game To Play On Zoom. Each person can hold a wrapped gift in front of the camera, and others spend time guessing it. 

19. Virtual tour of the city

An excellent way to see and experience where your remote colleagues stay and work, you can organize virtual city tours on Zoom. Let each person be the guide and show their favorite places around.

20. Start a charity

Let this years’ Christmas be extra-special by starting a virtual philanthropic cause. So many things can be done, from making Xmas virtual cards for soldiers to shopping online for kids in an orphanage. 

21. Sing Jingle All the Way differently

This time have a contest for all participants to sing the X-mas song but creatively. Let the person who has sung most creatively be rewarded.

These are some of the great ways to celebrate Christmas this year virtually on Zoom.

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