SpringVerify Feature Release Updates – March 2021

SpringVerify Feature Release

It goes without saying that background verification (BGV) plays a big role in hiring the right candidate for your workplace. It helps keep your workplace safe and devoid of any danger.

“Ninety percent of people support background checks. Which means even people who can’t pass a background check support background checks.”Bill Maher

As an addition to the portfolio of features our Global Background Verification Product, SpringVerify offers, one can now,

  • get their Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) screening done as an add-on to any package chosen.
  • download bills or invoices of the transaction made in our newly integrated ‘Billing & Payment’ option
  • integrate with SpringVerify’s API faster using Mock data for acceptance
  • view pending actions in a tab dedicated to ‘Company Admins’

MVR check is now a part of the package which SpringVerify offers

With the previous version of SpringVerify, users were able to conduct identity, education, employment & criminal screening seamlessly using SpringVerify. Now, it’s further augmented by the addition of the MVR check in the BGV flow that the candidate/employer encounters during the process.

As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 

“Every day, about 28 people in the United States die in drunk-driving crashes — that’s one person every 52 minutes.”

In some states in the US, DUIs generally are not considered a criminal offense and don’t get covered under any criminal screening. Only an MVR check will result in uncovering such information related to DUI, DWI, or any violation which is a criminal offense. Running an MVR check is highly important when it comes to your employees who have to operate a motor vehicle as a part of their job description. It ensures the safety of both your employees and customers.

MVR Checks help employers to:

  • hire qualified candidates with safe driving records
  • maintain the brand of the organization and win the trust of customers
  • protect employees against a liability claim

MVR Checks are typically done for roles such as:

  • Contract & Commercial drivers
  • Employees who use company vehicles
  • Truck & Delivery drivers

Details learned through an MVR Check:

  • Status of the driver’s license (Suspended /Active/Expired)
  • Class of vehicles allowed to drive
  • Any kind of felony, misdemeanors, violations such as DUI

Details needed to run an MVR check:

  • Proper full name of the candidate as appeared on the license
  • Driver’s license (DL) number
  • State which issued the license

Getting an MVR check is as important as any other background screening you do for your employees. And SpringVerify ensures that you have the best screening experience ever.

Billing & Payment Integration

As a part of our latest sprint, users can now:

  • pay using a new credit card or use the same credit card with which the payment was made in the past.
  • download invoices/bills for each transaction made on the same page.

This feature helps the user keep track of their payment history, and helps them discover where the payment has gone into as well. The user can now add a new card to make payments, and the card is saved for future transactions. This saves manual time and complication at the user’s end.

Invoices can now be downloaded for each transaction the user does. This makes it easy to report the payment made to the relevant personnel who’s in charge. All this can be done on the same page now with SpringVerify.

Mock Data for Acceptance

Developers can now quickly integrate SpringVerify’s API with their HRMS and can test the product functionality with Mock data. This feature allows the user to see how SpringVerify works from start to finish without having to upload real data.

Tab for Pending Actions

With the latest feature release, Company Admins / Employers now have a dedicated tab to review the pending actions that need to be resolved. Using this tab, the employer will be able to seamlessly make decisions on candidates’ background check status.

This month we focused on improving the existing features of SpringVerify and also added some new features for a better user experience. 

Stay tuned for SpringVerify’s upcoming feature releases next month.

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