100+ Slack Communities for Remote Workers [2024 Updated]

Slack keeps growing like crazy with new ways of using the app besides team communications.

It’s also a place where you can network, share, and get advice from professionals and experts in your field. How?

By joining Slack Communities.

Slack communities help you to collaborate and connect with like-minded professionals, discuss topics of interest, and get feedback about your ideas.

So don’t ask, “should I join a Slack community?” The real question is, “Which Slack communities should I join?”

We’ve curated a list of Slack communities for remote workers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, designers/developers, product marketers, finance teams, digital marketers, and recruiters.

⬇️ Here’s The List of Slack Communities for Remote Workers

🧑‍💼 Slack Communities for Remote Teams

1. We Work RemotelyWe Work Remotely is a large, global platform of individuals pursuing remote work and companies looking to hire.

2. SwitchOne-stop shop for productivity and remote work enthusiasts,

3. Remote WorkJoin this free remote work community.

4. Remotely OneA Free learning community of location-independent professionals that connects co-working and teleworking enthusiasts.

5. Nomads TalkA slack chat group for digital nomads. Join this slack community and connect with fellow digital nomads.

6. Work FromGet access live chats and discussions with 3,500 humans working from home. $25 one-time fee.

7. RemotiveMembers share exclusive remote jobs within the community. You can also reach out DIRECTLY to the decision-maker for feedback or networking.

8. BufferYou’re working hard to build your brand — come be part of a community of Buffer users that can help you along the way.

9. Salesforce Remote JobsA channel for Salesforce Remote Jobs.

10. BitwageJoin Bitwage Community on Slack. 727 users are registered so far.

11. Remote WorkersA place for remote workers to hang out, talk about life, or discuss tools/tactics to be effective remote employees.

12. Remote TogetherA free community of people who work remotely.

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👩‍💼 Slack Communities for Freelancers

13. Affiliate Marketer ChatAn Invitation based community for Affiliate Marketers.

14. #BacklinksA free community to engage with website owners, bloggers, industry leaders from around the world.

15. FreelanceJoin 1000+ other freelancers hanging out, sharing knowledge and discovering new opportunities.

16. Online GeniusesOnline Geniuses is the largest Slack community for Marketers. Join discussions with thousands of industry experts.

17. World of WritersAn invitation-based Slack community of writers, editors, and bloggers.

🏢 Slack Communities For Startup and Entrepreneurs

18. Startup Study GroupJoin this growing community of helpful founders, investors, and advisors.  Request an invite today!

19. Startup ChatEngage with over 6800 founders and investors from across the globe. #startup facilitates discussions, Q&A’s, AMA’s, feedback and braintrusts.

20. Launch#Launch is a place to collaborate, discuss new products, find work, get feedback, or even find a co-founder.

21. Reddit EntrepreneurA free Slack community came out from

22. The Spatial CommunityA place to learn about all things geospatial. Invitation based Slack community of over 2800 members.

23. AmateurpreneurAmateurPreneur is a Slack community for beginner entrepreneurs. A place to discuss, share, get help and acquire feedback.

24. CreativeTribesJoin free Slack community to share and discuss tribe-building strategies, experiences, and resources.

🚀 Slack Communities For Product People

25. Product TribesAn invite-only community of 10,000+ experienced product developers and product marketers.

26. Mind the ProductJoin an international community of passionate product people, share what you know about creating great products, and level up your skills.

27. ProductHuntJoin the Product Hunt Global Slack Community to Host or Attend a Meetup.

28. Product Manager HQConnect, chat, and learn from the world’s largest Slack product community with thousands of product people around the world (Paid Community).

29. Product SchoolJoin this invitation based private community to network with over 50,000 PMs.

30. Product HiveA Slack community of product managers, strategists, and designers. Learn, contribute, and connect.

31. Rands Leadership Slack  – An invitation-based Slack community to help longtime, new, and aspiring leaders to learn through conversation and sharing of ideas.

32. Product-Led GrowthJoin this community to learn how to build a successful product-led business from the best in the world, for free.

33. Women in ProductThis community connects women in product management and product-adjacent roles with mentors, jobs, advisors, investors, and friends. Request an Invite.

34. Product Marketing AllianceJoin this free Slack community to get product marketing ideas, tips, feedback, and support.

📊 Slack Communities for Digital Marketers

35. CRO Growth HacksHere you can discuss conversion rate optimization hacks that improve growth using techniques such as CRO, SEM, SEO, eMail, business strategy and more. Request to access now.

36. GrowmanceJoin this free community of growth hackers, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs. Start chatting about marketing, growth, demand generation and startups.

37. MeasureThe intent of this free community is for knowledge sharing, connecting with peers in the industry, and some fun.

38. Traffic Think TankThis paid Slack community will help you to learn, connect, and level up with the best SEOs on the planet.

39. HubspotJoin this free community for access to marketing, sales, and customer service best practices, growth resources, and to network with startup founders globally.

🎨 Slack Communities for Design, UI/UX

40. Designer HangoutInvite-only, professional UX design network of 18,000+ UX practitioners.

41. Team SketchA free community for Sketch designers powered by Slack.

42. Animation at WorkInvite only Slack community to meet other web animation and UI animation folks like you!

43. UX MasteryThis a place for finding your path into UX, sharing portfolio feedback, troubleshooting work challenges and building your network.

44. is a quickly growing community for people to share and learn about all things user experience and product design.

45. Org DesignersDiscussions about improving teams and the workplace.

46. Content + UXContent + UX is a community of professionals celebrating content strategy, content itself, and its role in the user experience.

47. UX SPJoin UX SP on Slack. 2517 users are registered so far.

48. The DesignershipA leading slack community for designers looking to share, learn & grow.

49. Make WordPressSlack + WordPress Community. Open for everyone.

50. Midwest Design ChatJoin this Slack community to chat, share tools and get feedback.

💼 Slack Communities For Developers

51. DevChatIt’s a very friendly group of software developers who come together to solve problems and learn.

52. LaraChatFree Slack community of Laravel and PHP developers. Join the live discussions.

53. Ruby on RailsThis is a community of Ruby on Rails developers from all over the world.

54. ReactifluxThis is a chat community of 80,000+ React JS, React Native, Redux Redux, Jest Jest, Relay Relay and GraphQL developers.

55. EmberCommunityAsk questions and chat with community members in real-time.

56. Python DevelopersIt’s a growing and inclusive community of Python enthusiasts ranging from those just starting to those who have built their entire careers around it.

57. Scotch.ioSlack community for

58. Ionic WorldwideIf you want to chat with other Ionic devs, get feedback on your app, test new features, or just hang out, join this community.

💰 Slack Communities for Finance Team

59. ArkEcosystemWant to learn more about ARK but not sure where to start? Join this invite only Slack community.

60. NEO – Join NEO on Slack. 8234 users are registered so far.

61. Safex – Join Zilliqa on Slack. 2533 users are registered so far.

62. BitcoinMarketsBitcoin and cryptocurrency price discussion. The official Slack of /r/bitcoinmarkets.

63. FinancesJoin this free financial discussion slack group. This includes Fintech, HFT, Stocks and Bonds, Personal Finance, etc.

64. Hashtag InvestingMake better stock investing decisions by joining the most exclusive community of stock investors. Invitation only group.

65. Frugal Hackers Slack Community  – It’s an informal, supportive, and positive space to chat about Frugality, Personal Finance, Financial Independence, Early Retirement and Life Hacking. Request an invite today.

66. FintechfolkThe invitation-only slack channel for fintech professionals.

67. VC ClubA community of VCs, angels, advisors, and founders discussing things like fundraising, market opportunities & trends, deal intelligence, sourcing & events.

👩‍💻 Slack Communities for HR

68. The Shape of Work community – A networking avenue for People Managers, HR Leaders and People Ops professionals to shape the Future of Work by discovering the best practices, resources, tools and accessing exclusive experiences.

69. #PeoplePeopleA free slack community for HR, Recruitment, and Talent professionals.

70. #people#people is a chat community for people ops, hr professionals, building better companies and managing humans.

71. RecruitinginnovatorsThis community will directly benefit to Sourcers, Recruiting Professionals, Recruiting Strategists, HR Professionals, and Recruiting Leaders.

72. People GeeksGet the best People Geek chatter real-time. New trends, the best articles, make connections.

73. HRtoHRA Slack community of folks in the HR fraternity and sorority, spanning teams spread across recruitment, learning and HRBP.

74. TechrecruiterIt’s a team of passionate technical recruiters helping each other by sharing knowledge, new sourcing techniques and posting available job positions.

75. ClojuriansA Slack community for people who love all things Clojure. Free to join.

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📈 Slack Communities for Data Science/Web Analytics

76. Data QuestA place to learn data science and make progress towards your goals as fast as possible.

77. Watson Developer CommunityJoin Watson Developer Community on Slack. 13036 users are registered so far.

78. R- Team for Data AnalysisR – team from all around the world helping each other in learning and exploring the R data analysis tool.

79. Whale Hackers – The slack community for developers, designers, data scientists, investors and traders passionate about technology and cryptocurrencies.

80. Data Scientistsa global community of startup data scientists, data warehouses, and BI types.

81. KumunityJoin Kumunity on Slack. 4583 users are registered so far.

82. AI Researchers – A community for all levels of research in Artificial Intelligence. Anyone who has interest is welcome to join.

83. ML AI – A free Slack community of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

84. TWIML CommunityThe TWIML Community is a global network of machine learning, deep learning and AI practitioners and enthusiasts.

85. Kaggle NoobsA Slack community to learn Data Science and Machine Learning from top-notch people in the field.

86. Biased Outliers – A group of Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Machine Learning Engineers in New York City that gather to practice through Kaggle Competitions.

📌 Miscellaneous Slack Communities

87. Hashtag Gaming  – A Slack community for gamers to chat and play video games…and watch cat GIFs.

88. #MusicThe #music community has been for people who care deeply about music. Free to join.

89. IntrovertsA slack chat specifically for introverts! Find other like-minded people who hate small talk but still want to socialise and engage, just in their own space and time.

90. SlackDadsA discussion group for dads and soon-to-be dads.

91. 18percent18percent is a free online Slack community for anyone living with a mental health issue – no matter how small or large.

92. is a Slack community to discuss espresso, cold brew, grinders, roasting, pour over, beans, and other related topics.

93. LGBTQ in TechnologyIt’s a space for LGBTQ people in technology to chat and support each other. 

94. Hikers & BackpackersA free community of outdoor enthusiasts.

95. Hack ProductivityJoin Hack Productivity on Slack. 1554 users are registered so far.

96. OnePiece – Join OnePiece on Slack. 1711 users are registered so far.

97. Friends of HasGeekIt’s a free Slack community for geeks.

98. Star Wars:  A community of Star Wars fans talking about Star Wars.  

99. podcasters: Engage with select podcasters from across the globe with discussions, Q&A’s, AMA’s, feedback and brain trusts.

100. Botmakers: The Botmaker community is for bot fans and creators alike, who want to share information and assist one other.

101. VR Theory: Discussing the latest in Virtual reality and Augmented reality.

102 Remote Clan: The discussions usually focus around productivity, travel, and members also learn how to work remotely from other remote workers.


What is the purpose of a Slack community?

A Slack community aims to connect remote workers, foster collaboration, and provide a platform for sharing insights, resources, and support related to remote work.

Who can join the Slack communities?

Anyone who is a remote worker, freelancer, or interested in remote work can join. These communities are inclusive and diverse, embracing individuals from various professional backgrounds.

How can you contribute to the community?

Share your experiences, insights, and resources in relevant channels. Engage in discussions, ask questions, and offer support to fellow community members. Your active participation enriches the community.

Is there a specific etiquette for communication in the Slack communities?

Yes, we encourage respectful and constructive communication. Avoid spamming, trolling, or any behavior that may disrupt the positive atmosphere. Be mindful of the diverse backgrounds and perspectives within the community.

Would you like to share your favorite slack communities? Please drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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