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7 Best Slack Apps For Team Building in 2023 [In-Depth Comparison]


For an employee working in an office, it’s intuitive to meet their colleagues, have a small talk over coffee and join a water-cooler chat. Such a level of interaction is not possible in a remote working environment. Even though these activities seem trivial, they are a crucial part of team building. These slack apps for team building will fulfill this crucial need for a strong and engaged team.

For a supportive work culture in an organization, these small interactions contribute to forming strong and engaged teams. Lack of such interactions can lead to disconnect and loneliness among employees and to avoid that, remote teams need to engage in some form of team activity.

To tackle this problem, there are various online tools but it’s a challenging task to find the right ones. So, here is an in-depth comparison of 7 Slack apps for team building for your remote team.

  1. Trivia
  2. Ricotta
  3. Polly
  4. Donut
  5. RandomCoffees
  6. Coffee Roulette
  7. RandomCoffee

These Slack tools make the online interaction as intuitive as the offline ones for better team building even while working remotely. Not only does it keep the team productive but gives a sense of belonging for better employee satisfaction at work.

So, in this post we’ll compare and contrast the following in detail:

  • Features/Capabilities
  • Pricing & Available Plans
  • Online Ratings (Capterra and G2)

Disclaimer: Trivia is our own app. We’ve done our best to present the information evenly because we want you to make an educated decision. That said, we are proud of our Slack team-building app and built it with the features and ease that we’d want (and we use it every day ourselves). Learn more here and try it free for 30 days to join thousands of companies who use us like OLX, Quora, Shopify, NBA, and more…


Trivia is an all-in-one slack app for fun breaks and interaction between employees. It brings together the team through various games, custom quizzes, and a virtual water cooler to make team-building fun. One of the best slack apps to build a strong and engaged team.


Trivia Games

A suite of Trivia slack games gives the team a break from work while keeping them engaged. It helps in improving their morale and sense of belonging to the organization. Here are some of the games you can play with this fun slack integration.

Exciting games
  1. Gif Charades

It’s a team-building game where players answer Gif- based questions about famous movies, celebrities, and fans. This game builds a healthy competitive environment and keeps everyone excited for each new game.

  1. True Or False

To win this game, players answer whether the given factoid is true or not. It becomes a perfect game for employees to have a break while getting to know about random facts.

  1. Un(popular) Opinions

This is just a fun game where you run polls and get some controversial opinions based on votes.

  1. Virtual Watercooler

Just like you meet random colleagues on a watercooler, this game pairs you up with random individuals from the organization and break the ice through conversation starters or thoughtful questions.

Virtual watercooler
  1. VirtualCoffee

It randomly pairs you up with a colleague every week to make friends at work and discover shared interests and hobbies. It is especially beneficial for new employees to have an excuse to meet new colleagues.

Trivia Quizzes

Trivia quizzes help in building a human connection between employees as they get to talk about common interests beyond work. It is also fun to play such games in between to refresh the mood while working. There are different quizzes you can easily launch for a small break from work.

Instant quizzes
  1. Custom Quizzes

It enables you to create a set of your questions and hold special events for your team. It helps people find colleagues with a common interest and even celebrate some special occasions.

  1. Instant Quizzes

There are over 28,000 trivia questions across 30+ categories for you to start an instant quiz on. These quizzes are quick, fun, and convenient for everyone.

  1. Gotcha!

It is a quiz game with a twist where you are rewarded not only for right answers but for fooling others with wrong answers as well. Gotcha is highly engaging and makes team-building fun.

Click here and add Trivia on Slack to follow along and explore each feature for free.

Trivia Features

  1. Easy To Launch And Play

Trivia games and quizzes are easy to launch and play for anyone in the organization. Even a newbie joining your organization will quickly understand how it works.

  1. Game Scheduling

You can schedule any of the games and even schedule them to play periodically. Trivia bot will remind you just before the game so you don’t miss out.

game scheduling
  1. Leaderboards

This feature builds healthy competition among teams through real-time results tracking and podium standings. You can incentivize your team even more by rewarding them with physical gifts. It will also make sure they don’t miss out on games and always be a part of team building.

  1. Global Challenge

You can compete with Trivia quizzards from companies across the globe in a more complex and competitive game. The problems will be more elaborate and logical, and to participate you have to register for a new challenge every week.

  1. Seamless Integration

It is seamless to add the Trivia bot to slack and get started right away.

Seamless Integration

What Happens After You Add Trivia Bot To Slack?

You can organize quizzes and games for anyone to play. It acts as a quick break while engaging with other colleagues and contributing to team building. Leaderboard and real-time scoring build a healthy competition and incentivize them to play more games. 

It’s a great way for everyone to get to know each other and make onboarding easier for new employees. All of this leads to building an engaged team with a sense of belonging to the organization.

Trivia’s Pricing And Plans

Trivia’s plans are diverse depending on the size of your organization.

  1. Basic

Price: 0$/Month


  • Unlimited Games
  • 6 participants per game
  • Automation
  • Add Admins
  • Unlimited VirtualCoffee
  1. Standard

Price: Ranges from 29$ to 249$ a month according to the number of active users.


  • Unlimited Games
  • Unlimited Participants
  • Game Scheduler
  • Add Admins
  • Unlimited VirtualCoffee
  • Quiz Leaderboard
  1. Pro

Price: Ranges from 49$ to 349$ a month according to the number of

active users.


  • All The Benefits Of the Standard Plan
  • Unlimited Custom Polls
  • Advanced Analytics
  1. Enterprise

Price: On-request pricing


  • All The Benefits Of the Pro Plan
  • Workspace Activity Reports
  • Custom Features
  • Higher Uptime SLA
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Data Retention Policy

Trivia Online Reviews

Trivia has over 60 reviews on G2 and Capterra with ratings of 4.7/5 and 4.4/5 respectively. Most people mention its utility in remote team building.

Due to all the features mentioned above Trivia is used by over 15,000 organizations worldwide including companies like Quora, OLX, and Shopify.

Trivia online reviews

Trivia is not just a team-building app, it’s an all-in-one suite to bring fun back to your workplace while engaging your employees. 

You can use Trivia on slack for:

  1. Building Super-engaged teams (See how others did it)
  2. Recreate office watercooler virtually (Read here to know more)
  3. And a lot more (Read our Trivia guide for HR Professionals)


Ricotta is a slack app for quizzes, trivia, ice-breakers, and fun social games. It makes office breaks more fun and engaging without leaving Slack. These slack games for remote teams make team building an easy process.


Ricotta Quizzes And Games

  1. Trivia And Picture Quizzes

A collection of over 30k questions over 25+ categories for a quick break from work. It includes:

  • MCQ Trivia Quiz
  • Weekly Trivia Contests
  • Custom Contests
  • Picture Quiz
  1. Social Word Games

These are fun slack games to play in async or timed mode. You can play:

  • Word of The Day
  • Hangman
  • Word Building
  • Word Chain
  • Story Building
  1. 2-Player Games

For one-one quick games to play with your co-workers on DMs. Some of the games are:

  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Rock Paper Scissors
  • Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock
  • Connect4
  1. Watercoolers And Icebreaker Games

These are games for better onboarding and team bonding.

  • This or That
  • Never Have I Ever
  • Most Likely To
  • Party Prank Picture
  • Two Truths and a Lie
  • Co-worker Icebreaker
  • Icebreaker Questions

Ricotta Features

  1. Game Scheduler

This feature lets you schedule any of the games for keeping up the employee engagement.

  1. Admin controls

Admin controls are useful to control certain aspects of Ricotta but it is available for enterprise plans only.

  1. Engagement dashboard

It gives you data from all the games played across weeks and months to measure employee engagement.

Ricotta’s Pricing And Plans

Ricotta has a Starter plan for 0$ with limited features.

Basic and Growth plans come for $34 and $54 per month respectively with the same features. The only difference is the number of users allowed.

The Enterprise plan unlocks all features for up to 750 users at $99 per month.

Ricotta Online Reviews

Ricotta has only three reviews on G2 with ratings of 4.8 out of 5.


Polly is a tool to get instant feedback on Slack and other apps. It replaces survey forms and eases up the feedback process for better team building.

  1. Instant Engagement

Polly reduces friction as it can be integrated right into your workspace like slack. This results in increased and instant engagement.

  1. Asking Contextual Questions

It helps you ask questions in context for more accurate answers.

  1. Empower Diverse Opinions

Every employee must have a voice in the organization so that they can feel they belong. Polly makes it easier for you to give them a voice.


Polly Features

  1. Easy Data Sharing

Polly allows you to share the gathered results instantly and only with the right people.

  1. Templates

This feature helps you create custom templates for various feedback forms like

  1. Interview Loop Feedback
  2. Candidate Experience Feedback
  3. Employee Onboarding And Engagement
  4. Anonymous Feedback
  5. Employee Happiness Pulse
  6. Benefits Feedback
  7. Remote Employee Check-ins
  8. Stay Interviews

Polly’s Pricing And Plans

Polly has a free plan with only 25 monthly responses.

Polly’s Standard plan costs 49$ per month for a 3 months subscription. It offers 500 monthly responses.

Polly’s Pro plan costs 19$ per month for a 6-month subscription. It offers 1000 monthly responses, API access, and integrations with other platforms.

Polly offers an Enterprise plan for unlimited responses and more benefits.

Polly Online Reviews

It has over 68 reviews on G2 and Capterra combined. It has 4.6 out of 5 stars on both G2 and Capterra.


Donuts is a slack app to build camaraderie, collaboration, and community in your remote team through templates. It helps in building a team that regularly interacts with co-workers.

  1. Intro

The intro feature introduces teammates for different purposes according to your chosen template.

  1. Watercooler

It posts topics on a channel that leads to conversation among employees and some friendly debates as well.

  1. Celebrations

Donut celebrations are automated and individualized to make birthdays and work anniversaries reminders festive.


Donut Features

The best feature of donut is its templates which makes it a good slack app for team building.

  1. Learning: You can run a mentorship program to upskill and build networks.
  2. New Hires: Give new hires a warm welcome by introducing them to people across the organization.
  3. Remote Work: Help in unifying remote teams through virtual watercooler and building internal networks.
  4. Social: Enables colleagues to get to know each other and celebrate special occasions together.
  5. Watercooler: Makes it intuitive for everyone to interact with others and break social isolation.

Donut’s Pricing And Plans

Donut offers three plans:

  1. Free: It is free to use but provides limited features
  2. Standard: Ranges from 49$ – 399$ for a user base ranging from 1 to 200 when billed annually.
  3. Premium: Ranges from 99$ – 799$ for a user base ranging from 1 to 200 when billed annually.

Donut Online Reviews

Donut has a total of 19 reviews on Capterra and G2 combined. It has a rating of 4.7/5 and 4.6/5 on G2 and Capterra respectively.


RandomCoffees pair you with a random colleague across the organization every week for a coffee, walk, lunch or skype. It helps you build relationships with other members of the organization.


RandomCoffees Features

It is easy to set up and use right away to build stronger teams.

RandomCoffees’s Pricing And Plans

It’s free to use.

RandomCoffees Online Reviews

There are no reviews on RandomCoffees on sites like G2 and Capterra.

Coffee Roulette

Coffee Roulette is a Slack tool to set up zoom calls with random colleagues on the slack itself. It helps you take a break and put some spice into the long office days.

Coffee Roulette

Coffee Roulette Features

It is easy to use and everything can be done by slash commands once the setup is completed.

Coffee Roulette’s Pricing And Plans

This slack app for team building is free to use.

Coffee Roulette Online Reviews

G2 and Capterra have not listed Coffee Roulette and hence no reviews on Coffee Roulette.


RandomCoffee works as a unique matching solution to create targeted connections between employees at work.


RandomCoffee Features

  1. Own Matching Rules

You can set up the matching rules according to your goals. Its algorithm helps in building connections with the right people in the organization.

  1. Customized Messages

The messages sent to employees can be customized to personalize your content and adhere to the brand and its guidelines.

  1. Track Effectiveness

RandomCoffee comes with a dashboard to measure the effectiveness of targetted matching on your organization.

RandomCoffee’s Pricing And Plans

There are no specific plans to choose from at RandomCoffee but you can contact their sales team for a free demo.

RandomCoffee Online Reviews

RandomCoffee is not listed on sites like G2 and Capterra for reviews.


Are there team-building games you can play on Slack?

Trivia games on slack are a great game for team building. These slack games make team building fun as employees get to know more about each other through games. It also gives employees a much-needed break from work at times.

What apps should I add to Slack for team building?

All the apps listed in this article can be added to slack for team building. These apps like Trivia focus on building engaged teams through games and features right into Slack for a strong and engaged remote team.

What can you do with Slack fun apps?

Slack fun apps like Trivia are a great way to build remote teams. In an office environment, people go out and talk which becomes a part of team building. You can build the same environment to build teams through slack fun apps that engage employees.

How do you get games on Slack?

To add games on Slack, you can visit the websites of the apps listed and add them on slack to start building a strong team for your organization.

Trivia has games like Gif charades, True or False and Un(popular) Opinions for employees to enjoy during work hours for a quick break.

Trivia is not just a team-building app, it’s an all-in-one suite to bring fun back to your workplace while engaging your employees. Click here and add Trivia on Slack to explore each feature for free.

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