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The jingle bells are ringing, and the festive season is upon us! What better way to infuse the holiday spirit into your team than with a fun and delightful tradition—Secret Santa?

But, but, but, we know what you are thinking. Secret Santa sounds fun but it’s a significant effort that goes behind the scenes to organize one. Pairing teammates, drawing names, maintaining a spreadsheet, or if you are looking at a digital way then finding an app that will help you with that. Phew! it’s a juggling act. 

But, hold onto your sleigh, because we have an enchanting solution. Trivia our team bonding app, takes the heavy lifting out of Secret Santa, leaving you to revel in the holiday joy!

Imagine bidding farewell to the headaches of manual pairings and the quest for apps or spreadsheets. Trivia’s Secret Santa feature effortlessly handles the logistics, freeing you and your team to savor the season’s excitement—right within your Slack workspace.

No matter if your workplace is remote-first, hybrid, or in-person, Trivia’s Secret Santa offers a hassle-free way to organize the best Secret Santa for your team.

How it works?

Seamless Activation: Getting into the holiday spirit has never been easier! Simply access the Trivia Homepage within Slack, enable the Secret Santa feature, and let the enchantment unfold. With just a few clicks, kick-start the joyous tradition of Secret Santa among your team members.

Effortless Enrollment: Trivia simplifies the enrollment process by sending a direct message to all channel users, seamlessly inviting them to participate in the Secret Santa exchange. No hassle, no fuss—just effortless enrollment to spread the cheer!

Enroll for Secret Santa

Wishlist Creation and Pairing: Once onboarded, team members can create their wishlists and get paired with their Secret Santa, setting the stage for a joyful exchange of heartfelt gifts. From creating wishlists filled with thoughtful ideas to guessing their Secret Santa, the experience is both engaging and festive.


Let the fun begin: Enjoy watching your team come together to exchange gifts and guess their thoughtful Secret Santa. The tradition of Secret Santa, elevated by Trivia’s seamless implementation, infuses the workplace with joy, laughter, and a delightful holiday spirit.

Beyond the joy of giving and receiving gifts, Secret Santa on Trivia fosters team bonding. As colleagues exchange gifts and share the excitement of guessing their Secret Santa, the feature transcends workplace silos, promoting camaraderie and unity across teams.
This season, let Trivia’s Secret Santa be your partner in spreading happiness and fostering connections among your team members. Celebrate the joy of the season and create lasting memories, all within Slack!

Want to know how Trivia can elevate your team bonding?

Neha Kulkarni

Product Marketer at Springworks. Connect with me for all things "Marketing, Photography, and Cricket".

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