Measuring Employee Satisfaction and Loyalty at SKS


SKS offers everything a modern HR needs to succeed. From onboarding the right talent to outsourcing staffing functions, administrative challenges, legal issues, and HR functions – they offer end-to-end solutions to every HR need. 

This way, they create a fantastic infrastructure in HR technology and operations.



Human Resource and Technology

Employee count:




Mumbai, India



  • Measure how well employees rate their experience working at SKS

  • Get open feedback from people without any inclination

  • Comprehend where they stand against the industry benchmark when it comes to happy employees 


Detailed study: 


We got on a call with Shreyansh Sanghani – Founder & Partner at SKS. Here’s the detailed transcript of our conversation: 


Q: Can you detail the benefits of using eNPS surveys? 

It all started with our need to understand employee satisfaction: the prime motivator to help them stick with us longer. 

So we sent an eNPS survey with the question – ‘How happy are you working at SKS? How likely will you recommend us to your friend?’ 

As everything happens inside Slack, the survey took less than 20 seconds to set up and send to my people. 

Nor did it need any extra push or follow-ups to answer the survey. 

Unlike responding to Google Forms/Surveys, this barely takes time to answer, naturally leading to very high response rates. 


Q: What did you learn from the scores? How do you think it’ll help you?


As the eNPS score leaves you with a single number.


Honestly, it’s a super-comfortable metric to analyze and operate on. 


And, whatever the score is, it sheds more light on where and what we can do next. 


We were pleasantly surprised at the results. 60%+ were Promoters, and the rest were Passives. 


Meaning, close to 2/3rd’s were happy to refer us to friends and family as a great place to work and are highly engaged. 


The passives are satisfied with their job but may have some minor issues with the company culture.


This data is an important basis for systematically developing our employee experience as long as they stay with us.



Q: What are the next steps and action points? 


The next step is to find out why Promoters are satisfied and keep it that way. 


And for the Passives – who have a neutral view about the company, we will have to figure out ways to convert them into Promoters.


Maybe we can motivate them by giving a hike or recognizing them for their efforts often to make them happy and satisfied.


Strategically, this can also help us predict attrition in advance by getting insights into how happy and engaged my people are.

Our take

EngageWith’s eNPS is an extremely powerful tool at SKS Enterpprises by empowering them to receive feedback on what employees think about the company.

Most importantly, you too can find yours!

Just drop a comment below or simply schedule a demo >> here <<

Our team will get in touch with you soon. 

And hey, thank you for reading!

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