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Workplace Re-opening Survey Template

Workplace Re-opening survey template can be used to gauge employee sentiment around returning to the workplace during the pandemic and to understand where their pain points are.

This survey information can help determine where more communication or training is needed to help employees feel safer in the workplace. Download this free template.

Standard Workplace Re-opening Survey

Length: Between 10-15 questions

Frequency: If you’re thinking about reopening, be sure to do this survey first

Use this survey as both a check-in on how your employees are doing and an opportunity to create a more strategic and informed plan for getting back into your office.

Why Run Workplace Re-opening Survey

Accommodating personal responsibilities
Your employees may be concerned about their personal responsibilities. It is important to be empathetic and willing to listen to their concerns. Try to find a variety of solutions that fits both of your needs.

Making health a priority in the workplace
Being sensitive to your team’s needs during these trying times and creating a safe environment is crucial. This survey will help you to understand employees’ health and safety issues.

Help you in readjusting to office life
Returning to the office means less flexibility in how they do their work, less time with their families, and a loss of control. Use this survey to listen to your employees' concerns. Try to stay flexible while communicating clear expectations.

Free Template: Workplace Re-opening Survey

Just like the transition to remote work, the transition back to the office requires a strong change management plan. Copy this template to your Google Drive and customize it for your own organization. Reuse the template immediately for your next Workplace Re-opening Survey.

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