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Employee Satisfaction Survey Template

Monitoring staff satisfaction and turnover is a key part of your commitment to treating your employees responsibly.

As a social business, you need to know if your staff are on board with your mission and whether they feel supported and empowered to achieve it. Tap into their insights by updating your existing annual staff satisfaction survey.

Standard Employee Satisfaction Survey

Length: Between 20-25 questions. Don't make respondents click off

Frequency: Quarterly, semi-annual or annual

- Measure employee perceptions of the work environment
- Identify job satisfaction levels
- Identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement

Why Run Employee Satisfaction Survey

Employee productivity
An employee satisfaction survey will identify unhappy employees and pinpoint what is causing their discontentment. Focus on addressing their challenges and getting them back to full productivity.

Employee turnover
A job satisfaction survey can identify employees who may be thinking of leaving you, so you can make a swift intervention and persuade them otherwise.

Identifying training gaps
You must ensure if employees learn, train, upskill, reskill and develop in their jobs. And targeted satisfaction survey questions will reveal gaps in training, skills, or knowledge that you can plug.

Free Template: Employee Satisfaction Survey

This Employee Satisfaction Survey template includes example questions to identify employees’ satisfaction levels. Copy this template to your Google Drive and customize it for your own organization. Reuse the template immediately for your next Employee Satisfaction Survey.

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