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Employee Motivation Survey Template

Keep your team driven & engaged with an interactive motivation survey. Employee motivation and employee engagement go hand in hand. Truly motivated employees are much more productive, creative, and more likely to take over ownership.  

A staff motivation survey allows you to identify key motivators in your organization as well as detect what could increase motivation.

Standard Employee Motivation Survey

Length: Between 15-20 questions.

Frequency: Quarterly or bi-annual (do it more often)

- Employee motivation survey questions should include what employees are tolerating in their work and personal lives
- Make sure their answers stay anonymous
- Get appropriate employee motivation survey tools

Why Run Employee Motivation Survey

Improve employee retention
Happy, motivated, and engaged employees are much less likely to leave an organization. Employee motivation surveys help you to maintain high employee retention rates and accomplish long-term goals as your team is largely unchanging.

Improve employee wellness
Motivated employees are likely to experience more self-esteem, wellbeing, and a more positive outlook towards their work. Motivation surveys can reveal a fair bit about employees’ wellbeing, so you might consider running these surveys.

Stronger Company Culture
By conducting employee motivation surveys, you can identify what the triggers are behind low motivation and work on improvements to increase the motivation and engagement of your workforce and ultimately build a stronger company culture.

Free Template: Employee Motivation Survey

This Employee Motivation Survey template includes example questions for all the different areas that affect the motivation of your staff. Copy this template to your Google Drive and customize it for your own organization. Reuse the template immediately for your next Employee Motivation Survey.

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