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Employee Engagement Survey Template

Measuring employee opinions is only one piece of your overall engagement strategy. Without an organizational mindset dedicated to action, shared by leaders, managers, and employees, authentic engagement will not follow.

Standard Employee Engagement Survey

Length: Between 25-30 questions

Frequency: Quarterly, semi-annual or annual

- Utilize an engagement survey, in combination with frequent and lightweight
pulse surveys (it can be about any topic, launched at any time)
- Include foundational employee engagement survey questions that address work,
team, and organizational engagement

Why Run Employee Engagement Survey

Get a holistic view of employee engagement
Surveying every employee gives you a more accurate and comprehensive view of your organization’s engagement level. Assess the specific strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats you face each year.

Compare & contrast among different employee groups
Do remote employees feel connected to their teams? Do employees feel recognized for their work? An employee engagement survey will help you answer questions like these.

Determine plans & next steps
By analyzing survey results, you’ll gain a better perspective on where to improve. This insight will help you create specific, targeted commitment plans.

Build trust with employees
Conducting an organization-wide engagement survey sets the precedent that every employee’s opinion matters and squashes any contrary concerns before they surface.

Free Template: Employee Engagement Survey

This Employee Engagement survey template includes example questions for all the different areas that affect the engagement of your staff. Copy this template to your Google Drive and customize it for your own organization. Reuse the template immediately for your next Employee Engagement Survey.

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