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Employee Empowerment Survey Template

A good company is one where employees feel empowered to do their work efficiently. Employee empowerment survey template is created to gather feedback from the employees regarding the support provided to them to do their job at the workplace.  

This template helps companies to learn how to support employees and focus on enabling them to get their tasks done.

Standard Employee Empowerment Survey

Length: Between 10-15 questions

Frequency: Quarterly, bi-annual, or annually

- Let employees know that their experiences matter and their voice is heard
- Uncover the insights to create and reinforce positive work environments

Why Run Employee Empowerment Survey

Increase employee engagement
Once you’ve assessed how empowered and supported your employees feel you can then create an action plan to increase engagement.

Organizational growth
The employee empowerment survey will give you valuable actionable data that you can implement for organizational growth.

Give employees a voice
These surveys give employees a venue for open feedback. Establish two-way communication and involve employees in creating a better workplace process by giving them a direct voice to the management team.

Free Template: Employee Empowerment Survey

Copy this template to your Google Drive and customize it for your own organization. Reuse the template immediately for your next Employee Empowerment Survey.

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