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Candidate Experience Survey Template

Candidate experience involves all interactions a job candidate has with your organization, from the moment they apply for a position to when you reject them or extend a job offer.

How do you know whether you leave a positive impression on candidates?

Set up a candidate experience survey. These surveys can help you spot issues in your interview process and identify strategies to address them.

Standard Candidate Experience Survey

Length: Between 15-20 questions.

Frequency: Survey the candidates that have completed your recruitment process.

- Use a mix of multiple-choice and open-ended questions.
- Before you ask questions, thank them in advance. Let them know why you’re doing a survey.
- Optimize your survey for mobile devices in order to increase your response rate

Why Run Candidate Experience Surveys

Get feedback about your recruiting process
Directly asking candidates about sharing feedback for your process is a good tactic, but it doesn’t guarantee they’ll be honest. Candidate experience surveys that grant anonymity make it easier for candidates to be honest.

Identify areas of improvement
Candidate experience surveys combined with recruiting metrics give you a clear idea of what’s working in your hiring process and what could be improved.

Improve employer brand
Asking for feedback shows that you care. It sends a clear message that you value candidates’ opinions and that you want to make your hiring process better.

Free Template: Candidate Experience Survey

‍This candidate experience survey template includes example questions for all the different areas that affect the candidate experience.

Copy this template to your Google Drive and customize it for your own organization. Reuse the template immediately for your next candidate experience survey.

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