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360 Degree Review Survey Template

360 degree review survey aims to provide a more comprehensive assessment of employee job performance, and can be used to identify and direct employees’ personal and professional development.

Standard 360 Degree Survey

Length: Between 20-25 questions

Frequency: At least twice a year

- Self-review, managerial review, peers review, and customer review
- Measure both qualitative data and quantitative insights into an employee’s performance

Why Run 360 Degree Survey

Dynamic review
Reviews from 5+ people from different backgrounds and positions; thus, they are highly active and multi-perspective.

Increases self-awareness
360 degree feedback exposes us to others’ perceptions about our behavior. Fortunately, participants find that most of their 360 degree feedback is consistent with their own expectations.

Increases accountability
This survey clarifies behaviors which then allow you to make a legitimate judgment on whether a person demonstrated the behavior or not.

Free Template: 360 Degree Review Survey

360 degree feedback creates a confidential and comprehensive way to provide important information to leaders that they would likely never receive otherwise. Copy this template to your Google Drive and customize it for your own organization. Reuse the template immediately for your next 360 Degree Review Survey.

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