9 Best Virtual Zoom Lunch Ideas In 2023

Virtual lunch meetings are a fun way of connecting while staying apart, whether you’re uncomfortable stepping outside, have long-distance family, friends, colleagues that you don’t see very often, or want to try something new.

With Zoom, you can virtually connect with anyone from anywhere and almost feel like you’re hanging out in the same space. 

If you want to know how to host a virtual lunch or get together with everyone, then Zoom lunch meeting ideas are a fun way to connect with everyone from the comfort of your home in a virtual setting.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into nine virtual lunch meeting ideas that will turn your virtual lunch meetings into entertaining and team-bonding lunches.

Virtual Zoom Lunch Ideas

1. Theme based lunch

Choose a simple lunch theme that all the attendees can adhere to. For instance, if you pick a BBQ party as a theme, you can say, “Make Your Favorite Barbecue Dish” or “Grill and Chill.” This could challenge all the attendees to try something different and new to them. 

Moreover, when choosing the theme and recipes, try to select items that will cook roughly simultaneously. Recipe generators can help you with this task by providing you with a variety of recipes that can be cooked together in the same amount of time. For instance, if you are all making hamburgers, it should cook in the same amount of time. A theme-based lunch meeting is a great way to share a meal on camera as you would in real life.

2. Bring on some entertainment

One way to bring all the attendees to communicate with each other is to bring in some entertainment. For example, you can turn your Zoom lunch into a Karaoke session and let everyone sing along, host interactive virtual games like online board games, charades, heads up, drinking games, etc., or watch a fun movie together. These are some of the most popular Zoom lunch meeting ideas.

3. Exchange ideas

Get your attendees to share a skill with others over a virtual Zoom meeting. Don’t do anything too complicated. Keep it short, simple, and entertaining. Ideally, all the attendees should be able to follow along and enjoy the tutorial. For example, one could teach everyone how to Photoshop one of the attendees into famous movie scenes. Similarly, exploring image editing techniques using tools like Luminar can add a creative twist to your virtual gatherings, enhancing the fun and engagement.

Additionally, you can share informative and interesting articles with everyone by posting educational URLs. Remember, the whole idea behind hosting a virtual lunch meeting is for everyone to enjoy themselves.

4. Cover light topics

Since you’re hosting this meeting during lunchtime, you never want to cover serious matters. Thus, emphasize lighter topics that may not usually take priority in a busy schedule.

On the other hand, lunch meeting time could be perfect for attendees to participate in open conversations to feel relaxed and refreshed. For example, discuss common interests or share your aspirations.

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5. Go to a virtual restaurant

Bring the restaurant experience at home by changing your video chat background to a restaurant-inspired Zoom background for your virtual zoom meetings. Additionally, you could order from a ghost kitchen and enjoy the lunch experience.

For example, you can substitute your house walls for a photo of an Italian restaurant, complete with a faux finish, or a painting of an Italian street café. This is one of the best Zoom lunch meeting ideas.

6. Send virtual gifts

Gifting is a thoughtful and personal way to bring your virtual lunch meeting attendees together. Sending virtual gifts to each one in advance will emphasize the theme and give everyone a memorable keepsake.

7. Arrange for food delivery

While some virtual lunch meetings encourage attendees to all cook the same recipe from the comfort of their home, ordering food from the same restaurant is another good idea if you want to sit back, relax, and enjoy the same delicious meals.

8. Cook together

Decide on a recipe for lunch and cook together virtually on Zoom with all the other attendees. While cooking, discuss your favorite meals, cooking techniques, kitchen failures, etc., with everyone.

This way, you’ll learn new cooking tips and tricks and stories about each other that you wouldn’t have heard if it weren’t for this virtual lunch meeting.

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9. Facilitate team bonding

It can be a headache to find the time to host lengthy business activities on Zoom. A virtual team lunch for work meetings is the best way to squeeze in some team bonding.

It can also be an ice breaker for new employees and introverts to interact with the rest of the team members. This is one of the best virtual lunch ideas for work meetings. Additionally, for enhancing the visual experience of these virtual gatherings, consider using tools for removing the background from images or videos, which can add a more professional or fun touch to your online interactions.

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Try making virtual lunch meetings a priority and host them at least once a month. Schedule one hour or so to sit and eat along with coworkers, friends, or family. Virtual Zoom lunch meetings can act as the perfect team bonding activity. So without any more time, plan Zoom lunch ideas as soon as possible.

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