EngageWith is one of the best culture-building apps

“EngageWith is one of the best culture-building apps we’ve used” – How a design studio helps employees feel connected inside Slack


Procedure Tech is a software design and development studio based in Mumbai, India. They specialise in product design and development and more to deliver a robust tech that works at scale!


Number of employees:




Mumbai, India



Software design and development studio 



  1. Build a lasting culture of rewards and recognition inside Slack

  2. Foster peer-to-peer connections and empathy

  3. Replace Google Forms with Pulse Surveys


Detailed study:

We had an in-depth discussion with Ulhas Mandrawadkar, Co-founder and CTO at Procedure Tech, on how they use EngageWith. Here’s the brief of our conversation: 


“EngageWith creates a dedicated space inside Slack for employees to support and encourage each other.” 


At Procedure, people managers constantly thrive on showing employees how their work makes a difference in the bigger picture, ultimately making them feel more connected and satisfied at work.


Ulhas rightly revealed, “Before EngageWith, there were hardly any shoutouts to acknowledge employees’ good work. But now, we celebrate wins almost every day with my team together.”


Ulhas adds, “We no longer wait for weekly all-hands or end-of-the-month meetings to recognise peers. Instead, everything happens in an instant. And prioritising peer recognition via Slack has helped us add some sense of well-being and job satisfaction amongst employees.”


“Linking recognitions to the company core values motivates employees towards a common goal.”


Company values are a set of beliefs, practices, and philosophies that help you shape your company culture, improve team cohesion, and create a sense of commitment in the workplace.


Ulhas proudly said, “We wanted to instil a process where we want to link our company values to every recognition that goes out. Now everyone knows what our core company values are. That kind of helped my entire team drive towards a common goal.”


“The bottom line is that, connecting core company values with recognition impacts work at all levels. From the product team to sales – everyone now sees a clear picture of how their contributions are creating an impact,” added Ulhas. 


“Pulse Surveys has replaced Google Forms in helping us understand our employees better.”


EngageWith’s Pulse Surveys help you check in with your people regularly to gain employees’ views on subjects such as job-related roles, communication and relationships, and the overall work environment.


Ulhas adds, Earlier, we used to send Google Forms for employee surveys, and it was sort of hit or a miss. I had to follow up to get responses regularly, which isn’t great.” 


“But now the scenario has completely changed. Using EngageWith, we do three Pulse Surveys per quarter on an average. They are focused on measuring key factors such as leadership, employee morale, and organisational culture.” 


“We automate the set of questions that my employees need to answer. In short, it has helped me save mental bandwidth, which I can use for other tasks more productively,” Ulhas revealed profoundly. 


“We also run eNPS every quarter to get an in-depth view into what employees expect. This has been very handy in understating the gaps in employee engagement and scoping out areas of improvement well in advance,” Ulhas revealed. 

Our take 🥰

While Procedure Tech was trying to tackle the continuously evolving employee landscape – EngageWith came in at the right time to help them in their vision towards building their dream culture. 😇

But the key takeaway is – you too can build one too.

Just drop a comment below or simply schedule a demo >>here<<. 

Our team will get in touch with you soon. 

And hey, thank you for reading! 

Team EngageWith.

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