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Predicting the Organization’s Health at OnJuno using eNPS


OnJuno is a modern digital banking platform that provides you with an easy way to manage and grow your idle money. In short – they make banking simple yet beautiful. 

Rightly so, they are backed by Sequoia Surge, Polychain, and other industry-leading ventures.


Number of employees






  • Gauge how well employees rate their experience at OnJuno

  • Get open feedback from people without any bias

  • Understand where they stand against the industrial benchmark

  • Eliminate survey fatigue from using traditional Google Forms and Surveys


Detailed Study:


We got on a call with Aashish Punjabi – Head of People and Culture at OnJuno. Here’s the thorough transcript of our conversation: 


Tell us in detail how eNPS helped you at OnJuno?

I believe in the principle that you can only control what you can measure.


And it all started with a very simple question – ‘How happy are you working and OnJuno and likely are you to recommend us to your friend.’ 


It took less than 30 secs to set up and send it to my people. 


Plus, as everything happens inside Slack, employees don’t need any extra push or follow-ups to respond to the survey. 


It all happened organically with a 100% response rate. 

How did the eNPS score help you? What was your understanding?

The simplicity of eNPS leaves you with a single number. For this reason, it’s a super easy metric to work on. 


For example – with Detractors (scores between 1 to 6), you need to find out what makes them unhappy and fix it.


For Promoters (scores of 9 and 10) – find out why they’re so satisfied and keep it that way.


And don’t forget about your Passive voters (scores of 7 and 8), who are always one survey away from becoming Detractors if you don’t work to understand them.

This data is an important basis for systematically developing our employees and organization. 

How eNPS helps you predict employee attrition in advance?

Out of everyone who responded to the survey, there were 1 or 2 who gave us very low scores on their experience working at OnJuno. 


Clearly, this helps me understand where we lag as a company and what potential solutions I can make to improve it. 


Maybe I can often give recognition to motivate them or get on a call to understand their challenges – the opportunities are unlimited.


eNPS helped us not only identify unhappy employees but also to take necessary action to make them happy. 


This can help us significantly predict and reduce attrition by getting honest feedback – well in advance.

What’s next? What were the post-survey action points?

As I mentioned earlier, the possibilities are endless for eNPS. 


For example, if I find my sales team unhappy – all I have to do is shoot them a department-specific survey about what they feel is missing. 


In simple terms, it is a perfect opportunity to find out what’s standing in between you and your company being a top place to work. 

Our take

EngageWith’s eNPS is an extremely powerful tool that empowers you to receive feedback on what your people think.

Systematically developing employee experience can guide you through the right path in achieving your goals. 

Most importantly, every customer of ours has their own story. And are you ready to start yours? 

Just drop a comment below or simply schedule a demo >> here <<

Our team will get in touch with you soon. 

And hey, thank you for reading!

– Team EngageWith. 

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