“EngageWith puts my people at the heart of everything we do, always” – How an AI & ML company is building an employee-centric culture 😍



Neurapses Technologies is a next-generation technology provider specializing in Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning (ML). They also owns an educational brand called Mechatron Robotics for developing technological awareness among the younger generation.


Technology – AI and ML






  1. Build a solid culture of recognition inside MS Teams. 

  2. Bring people together to celebrate wins and relish milestones. 

  3. An R&R program that echoes across departments and distances – from entry-level employees to the CEO.


We had an in-depth discussion with Sayli Ratnaparkhi – Head of People & Culture, on how EngageWith is used inside Neurapses. Here’s the brief of our conversation: 

“To be people-centric is like putting the ‘human’ back into Human Resources.” 

Claiming to be a ‘people-centric’ organization certainly rakes in the brownie points amongst talent, industry, and consumers, and even within the HR community. 


Sayli revealed, “At Neurapses, we strongly believe an organization that truly puts its people at the heart of everything they do is an organization that’ll flourish from the inside out.” 


And it all started with employees saying ‘thank you’ to recognize efforts and celebrate wins.  


“The best part is when we tie these recognitions to the ‘Company Values.’ As a result, entry-level employees to the CEO see their role in the context of the bigger picture. As a result, everyone’s roles and responsibilities come together to achieve a common goal.” 


And here’s what Neurapses achieved:

“Recognition also helped my people build a sense of empathy for one another.” 


Sayli also added, “And with peer-to-peer recognition – it did not just end with celebrating wins together. It has made employees empathetic toward one another and mindful in their decision-making process. It helped us with better collaboration and cooperation among team members.”  


Yes, peer-to-peer recognition is a genuine expression of appreciation between coworkers. Studies reveal when a peer recognizes an employee, they are 35% more likely to repeat the behavior that earned them that recognition. 


“As everything happens inside Microsoft Teams, it’s very to recognize peers and get to what we were doing in no time.” 

We at EngageWith believe in recognition on the go. 

“Being an HR, I love building a culture where everyone thrives and succeeds. And finding the right app for this is NEVER easy.” 

“Fortunately, EngageWith is all we wanted. The integration with Microsoft teams it’s very quick, and people can recognize peers and get back to what they were doing in no time.” 

In short, EngageWith helps you recognize colleagues without your productivity taking any hit. 

“And it all comes with the best-in-class customer support.” 

While we help our users build a people-centric culture, we ensure we’re a customer-first company. As a result, our CS team is equally loved, just like the product. 

“Their team found an innovative way to eliminate the traditional to-and-fro email support model and boring chatbot experience. 


We have a dedicated channel via Slack Connect – and trust me, any query – however big or small – is resolved in less than 10 minutes. 


“Plus, their team also helps us hell a lot of ideas around culture building, employee engagement, manager surveys, and more. Can’t ask for more, you know.”

Our take 🥰

While Neurapses was trying to tackle the continuously evolving employee landscape – EngageWith came in at the right time to help them in their vision towards building their dream culture. 😇

But the key takeaway is – you too can build one that you always longed for.

Just drop a comment below or simply schedule a demo >>here<<. 

Our team will get in touch with you soon. 

And hey, thank you for reading! 

Want to know how EngageWith will help to create a recognition-rich culture at work?

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