“EngageWith helps us build a great remote-friendly culture” – How a Digital Marketing Agency is Helping its People Stay Connected while Working from Home.


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Confused Genius is a Not-for-Profit Digital Marketing Agency that works with early-stage startups, bootstrap businesses, and SMEs to help them get the best of the ROIs by optimizing the digital ecosystem for their needs. They help clients go from 1 to 15 in barely 15 months and that too with footprints across not just India but also the USA, Middle East, Singapore, Canada, and Australia. 

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– Implement a consistent recognition system that was valued by all employees and offered a positive user experience. 

– Build positive vibes for employees across departments and distances. 




EngageWith at Confused Genius – the success story


We got on a call with Shatakshi Tripathi – CEO, and Founder of Confused Genius, to discuss their experience using EngageWith. Here’s the detailed transcript for the same. 



“EngageWith helped us build a habit of celebrating wins on the spot with Kudos.”


The Confused Genius team is distributed across India – working on multiple projects simultaneously. As a result, it becomes necessary to recognize essential contributions without missing out on them. 


Shatakshi said, “Before EngageWith – recognition, and acknowledgments mostly happened via emails or a gentle pat on the back whenever they see them in the office. But now, as we’re working remotely – we needed something entirely different to make these recognition rituals a part of daily culture.”


“And EngageWith helped us with exactly that. It completely transformed the way we recognize. Every small contribution is noted and recognized without having to wait. Wherever they are or whatever project they work on – we simply send kudos to acknowledge their valuable contributions then and there.Sometimes it can be about the very simplest of the helps too but people appreciate each other a lot and that builds the camaraderie significantly.” 


Meaning employees are motivated to give their best and focus more on finding innovative solutions. It’s therefore crucial that you create a positive work culture in which your employees can feel appreciated.


“Kudos and Shoutouts help us promote personal relations and build stronger bonds amongst employees.”


Confused Genius strongly believes that a business’s success boils down to keeping its people happy. Understanding the human element and investing in it can drive a strong culture and spread happy vibes. 


Shatakshi continued, “Instant recognitions create an instant positive impression amongst peers. As everything happens inside Slack, even small wins don’t go unnoticed. Simply put, democratizing the recognition program has helped deepen connections and fuel positive momentum in building a winning team.” 


The best part of this recognition program was – it helped gel people across teams. 


“One week, I still remember we were fast-approaching the project deadline for one of our clients. I knew we’d to go above and beyond to get this done on time. Particularly, one of our employees stood out above the rest to get it done. Of course, this got her a Shoutout from the entire company. But it didn’t end there. The next time they were asked to work with a member from another team, rather than feeling unfamiliar, they seemed very comfortable by recalling the gratifying experience that brought them together in the past.” 


Yes, the upshot of recognizing peers is truly immeasurable. 


“And the best part was their customer support. Any query gets answered in less than 30 minutes. In fact, we ourselves took a lot of inspiration from their CS team”

“We have a dedicated channel via Slack Connect – and trust me, any query – however big or small – is resolved in less than 10 minutes. In fact, we ourselves have taken a lot of inspiration from their CS team and implemented it in our company.

As soon as you sign-up with EngageWith, EngageWith allots a Dedicated Account Manager specific to your account. 


Also, we initiate a Slack channel with our CEO, Product Managers, and Customer Support team to stay connected and solve our user challenges – on a daily basis. 


Shatakshi added, “Their team found an innovative way to eliminate the traditional to-and-fro email support model and boring chatbot experience.” 


“We have a dedicated channel via Slack Connect – and trust me, any query – however big or small – is resolved in less than 10 minutes. In fact, we ourselves have taken a lot of inspiration from their CS team and implemented it in our company.


“Plus, their team also helps us hell a lot of ideas around culture building, employee engagement, manager surveys, and more. Can’t ask for more, you know,” revealed Shatakshi proudly. 

To learn how recognition can drive retention and engagement at your company, get in touch.

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