“Thanks to EngageWith, we’re building a great place to work for our employees” – How a global security solution provider is building a fantastic culture remotely.


Company profile:


Astra is the first cyber security employee of every business. It’s a state-of-the-art tech that helps companies uncover vulnerabilities in their applications through hacker-style audits. In addition, the firewall & automatic malware scanner make web security a one-click affair. 

The company has earned several accolades, including ‘The Most Innovative Security Company’ by Indian PM Narendra Modi at Global Conference on Cyber Security & recognition by the President of France at La French Tech. 

Astra stopped 160 million+ threats on its customer’s website in 2021 & uncovered 30,000+ vulnerabilities in various applications. Astra’s customers include Vodafone, Facebook, NIIT, Muthoot, Ford, Gillette, etc.


Number of employees:



Delaware, USA.

New Delhi, India. 


– Build a culture of recognition while working remotely

– Get the pulse of their employees by checking-in frequently

– Foster employee engagement and cross-team collaboration



Detailed study:


We got on a call with Shikhil Sharma, CEO of Astra. Here’s a detailed transcript for the same: 



“EngageWith’s Kudos and Shoutouts has helped us foster an awesome culture of peer recognition even while working remotely.”


Employees that feel that their colleagues appreciate the work are far more satisfied with their jobs.  


Rightly so, Shikhil Sharma revealed, “One of the biggest motivators for employees is to be held in high esteem by their peers.”


Yes, peer-to-peer has very little hierarchical oversight and empowers workers to freely recognize good things they see as and when they happen. 


“Whenever someone goes above and beyond or achieves a milestone – it has become a common practice for my people to go straight to EngageWith and give them a Kudos. This way, we ensure no contribution is left unnoticed. 


“Plus, when one employee recognizes their colleague for a job well done or a great contribution to a team task, that staff member is then far more likely to go and recognize someone else, and the cycle of recognition continues,” added Shikhil. 


One survey found that peer-to-peer recognition made 90% of staff more satisfied with their work.  


“And I love tagging Company Values along with the recognition. It helps us amplify the amazing values that we want our entire people to stand for.”



“With Add-on Kudos, my entire team comes in one place to celebrate wins together.” 


Remember Slack’s conversation threads to organize conversations? Well, EngageWith’s Add-on Kudos is its equivalent when it comes to employee recognitions. 


Shikhil adds, “So when someone gives a Shoutout – Add-on Kudos help us add a lot of fun like – ‘Oh yeah, you really knocked it out of the park this time’ – sort of things. This way, my entire team comes in one place to make recognitions even more lively.”



“The best part is EngageWith enables you to redeem points on Amazon, Uber, Nike, etc. This makes the recognitions more personal and tangible.” 


EngageWith converts the Kudos, and Shoutouts received into points. An employee can accumulate points and redeem them on top e-commerce platforms. 


Shikhil proudly added, ”However, EngageWith doesn’t just stop with giving recognition. It helps my people redeem those points received on their preferred e-commerce sites. This makes the recognitions more personal and tangible.”


Talk about going the extra mile; EngageWith has you covered. 



“EngagaeWith’s Pulse Surveys are super-quick to launch, easy for employees to answer, and we’ve clock 90%+ responses rates without any follow-ups.”


Imagine if you check your bank account once a year. That’d be crazy, right. The same applies to your employees. 


Shikhil continued, “Pulse Surveys have helped us understand our employees better and address any issues or concerns before it’s too late.” 


Creating them from scratch is hard. For example, what questions should we ask? How to make it transparent? etc., are common. But Engagewith’s pre-built template made our job easy as all the questions were well-researched, precise, and spot-on.” 

Yes, as everything happens inside Slack/Teams, all your employees need to do is quickly answer and get back to what they were doing in less than 30 seconds. It’s that easy.


Shikhil counted, “The response rates were good with almost ZERO follow-ups. The UI is so simple and needs no prior experience. As it happens inside Slack, it doesn’t; it hinders their flow of productivity. So it’s a win-win for all of us.”.



“I am in love with their customer support. And when their CEO – Kartik, answers queries, it shows how much they value their customers.” 


While you invest in your employees, we invest ourselves into building great relationships with our customers. 


Shikhil proudly revealed, “We have a common Slack channel. So be it a query, bug, customizations – we simply post it there. It gets answered in less than 30 minutes.”


“Many times, I’ve received direct help from their CEO – Kartik. And as a rule of thumb, you know how much a company values its customers when the CEO is directly involved in solving their issue,” adds Shikhil. 


“Plus, they also help us with many culture-building ideas for the modern workforce, which is like icing on the cake. Can’t ask for more, you know.”


To learn how recognition can drive retention and engagement at your company, get in touch.

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