Breaking Employee Silos with Instant Recognitions

Breaking Employee Silos with Instant Recognitions



Arcana is the Storage Layer of Ethereum that offers a Privacy Stack SDK to DApp developers on EVM compatible blockchains chains to build Privacy-First products. They are backed by top investors like Republic Crypto, Woodstock Capital, Digital Currency Group, Santiago Santos, and more. 


Blockchain and IT Services

Number of employees:


The British Virgin Islands


  1. Build a culture of appreciation, motivate people, and get the best out of them

  2. Remove silos from remote work by bringing the entire company together

  3. Improve peer-to-peer and manager-employee relationships via recognitions


We got on a call with Ajay Shetty – COO of Arcana, to help us get deeper insights into building a people-centric culture using EngageWith. And here’s the gist of our Q&A: 

Q: What made you decide - ‘Yes, I want a rewards and recognition system in place?’ 

We’re a completely remote organization with our employees spread across the globe. 

Plus, our employee count has tripled in the last six months. 

To build rapport, engagement, and a sense of unity - We understood that we need a centralized reward and recognition system in place.  

Q: How was it before using EngageWith? How did your people get recognized? 

Earlier, whenever someone made a notable contribution - we used to recognize them during weekly stand-ups, emails, or personal chats. 

However, this was not impactful as the larger team would not have full context and forget quickly. So then it just becomes counter-productive.

So, we wanted something that creates an immediate impact. And this is where EngageWith stood out. 

Q: How did EngageWith help you and your employees to combat silos during remote work? 

As my teams are spread across the globe, the lack of face-to-face interactions creates isolation and loneliness. 

But EngageWith’s Kudos and Shoutouts helped us embrace new ways of engaging, rewarding, and recognizing employees. 

As everything happens inside Slack, there is no extra effort needed. 

Whenever my people see notable contributions, they just drop in to appreciate their peer’s effort. 

And for the recognized individual, it feeds a sense of accomplishment by making them feel valued for their contributions.

With that, the sense of being left alone is wholly gone now, thus helping us break away from the damaging silo mentality.

Q: What changes did you notice in employees psychologically? 

Even though we’re still in the early phases of adoption, the initial results are extremely promising. 

EngageWith has helped us improve peer-peer and manager-employee relationships, ultimately aiding us in building a lasting culture of recognition. 

It’s a win-win for everyone involved. In short, the impact is quite profound in such a short period, and the best part is - we’re only getting better.

Q: Finally, what about customer support? 

It has been quite outstanding so far. We have a dedicated channel via Slack Connect, and any query – however big or small – is resolved in no time. 

Plus, their team also helps us with many ideas around culture building, employee engagement, and more. 

I am incredibly delighted with their support. 

That said, love to build your dream company culture? Then, we’re here for you. 

Book a demo, and one of our Product Specialists will get in touch with you within the next 24 hours. 


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