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Our newest ebook “100 Handy Slack Tips and Tricks You Should Know” is out now!

Are you just getting started with Slack? OR Are you using Slack daily and pretty happy with it?

But you’re wondering, can I use Slack to help me be more productive? 

The answer is a resounding YES!

Slack offers amazing features for productive collaboration:

  • A single workspace for the whole team.
  • Channels for topic-centered discussions.
  • Audio and video calls.
  • File sharing and search.
  • Apps and integrations.

Either you are a regular Slacker or have just started using it, there are many ways to do more on Slack easily and quickly.

That’s why we’ve written a brand new, free ebook.

Do you want to learn how you and your team can get more out of Slack and make your work a little simpler in the process? In this guide, we put together 100+ of the best Slack tips and tricks (you’ll find almost everything here).

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • About powerful functionalities hidden in Slack — much of which Slack’s standard training guide doesn’t tell you about. 
  • Commands and shortcuts to improve your Slack experience.
  • Ways to build better messages and channels for improved communications with your team. 

Here is a sneak peek of just some of the Slack tips from the ebook:

Move group messages to a private channel

You can convert your Group DM to a private channel. Open a group direct message >>> Click “Details Icon” in the top right >>> Then click More >>> From the menu, select Convert to a private channel.

 Create Your Own Emoji

Select Customize Your Workspace page >>> Then select the “Customize Slack” >>> Click “Add Custom Emoji” to open the menu >>> Add your emoji and save.

Access the complete Slack workspace analytics

Click your workspace name in the top left >>> Select Tools >>> Choose Analytics from the drop-down menu >>> You can also customize the date range.

Switch to Slack’s compact theme

By switching to the Slack “compact” theme, you remove much of the noise and don’t need to scroll as much to catch up on conversations. Go to Preferences > Messages & Media and select Compact under the Theme choices.

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Collapse The Gifs

 You can collapse GIFs in a channel or private message with the “/collapse” command.

… and 95 more amazing Slack tips and tricks.

This ebook aims to tell you about the chat app Slack that is taking the business world by storm. All the sections are for people who are total beginners to the world of Slack, but advanced readers keep your eyes peeled! 

We’re hoping this book acts as a useful guide in challenging times.

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