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How CodeMyMobile is keeping its people HAPPY and MOTIVATED using EngageWith


About CMM:

CodeMyMobile provides technology solutions that are not just restricted to mobile app development. They work exclusively on projects that inspire them and help convert customer ideas into successful startups. Their services range from design consultation to app development – be it a mobile app or web-based.








Jaipur, India


  1. The existing recognition experience at CodeMyMobile was sort of antiquated. Meaning, recognitions were not peer-to-peer, frequent, or happening in real-time. 

  2. Birthdays and Work Anniversaries, the moments that matter the most – but they had to stick to age-old Google Calendar reminders. They badly wanted to replace this as they often tend to miss out on wishing on their special days.


After comparing the overall experience of employees who received recognition, it was certain that it strongly led to several areas of positive company culture with significantly higher employee retention and satisfaction.


Himanshi Khandelwal – Head of People & Culture at CodeMyMobile, revealed how EngageWith is helping people inside her company to be lively, engaging, and happy. Here’s the gist of our Q&A: 


Q: How much do your people love Kudos and Shoutouts?

At CodeMyMobile, we strongly believe in recognizing people’s achievements. This is the highest driver of employee satisfaction and retention. 


But before EngageWith, it was challenging for us to execute this core idea. But now, this has completely changed.

Giving kudos even for smaller wins has helped us boost confidence, enthusiasm, and motivation as they work through bite-sized tasks that can lead to greater wins. 


It resonates even more for Millennials and Generation Z, for whom money is not the sole driver of satisfaction as they prefer social recognition to be personal or monetary benefits.


Most importantly, everyone noticed an immediate impact. Even a small contribution towards a team’s betterment is noted and appreciated almost instantly. My people are in love with the app already. 


As an HR, while this certainly helps in better productivity and increased motivation levels in the short run, strategically, frequent recognitions can help us foster loyalty, employee retention and build a happy unit. 


Q: Tell us more about the birthday and work anniversary celebrations.


As you know, birthdays and work anniversaries are special. And we don’t want anyone to feel bad by no one wishing them. 


Earlier, we used to go with Google Calendar reminders, which was honestly – MEH!

Often we’ve missed out on wishing people on their birthdays. Much worse, we do it after two days.  

But now, EngageWith has made our job easy with prompt birthday and work anniversary reminders. 


It announces one’s special day by @ mentioning them. This way, not just their team but the entire company jumps in to throw a party. That too, when Managers, CXOs, and other top executives greet them – it lifts their morale incredibly.


It benefits the employers in two ways; First, it helps in employee recognition. Second, it gives a sense of belonging and gratification.


Q: What about point redemptions? Any memorable moments? 


The best part about EngageWith is that it does not stop with just recognitions. Instead, it goes a step ahead by helping them redeem the points they received. 


As they’ve integrated with top e-commerce sites, it has given every reason for my people to get what they want. 


There were wow moments like – “Hey – I got this coffee mug with the points I redeemed via EngageWith.”


Making recognitions tangible has added better personalization and impact, giving more ground for my people to make recognitions frequent and memorable. 


As an HR, I am proud of the direction we’re heading. 


Q: Any thoughts on customer support? 


Oh yes, thanks for asking. There are lots. 


The EngageWith team initiated a Slack Channel comprising their CEO, Product Manager, Account Manager, and Customer Support professionals. 


Any question we raise gets answered in less than 15 minutes. Plus, their team has many inputs, ideas, and insights whenever we are stuck in our journey towards building a great culture. 


At times, all I have to do is just drop a message regarding the challenge I am facing around employee engagement. Then, in less than ten minutes, their team comes out with at least a dozen solutions. 


In short – this is not just customer support. It’s SURELY much more than that.

Our take 🥰

While CMM was trying to build their dream company culture – EngageWith came in at the right time to help them in their vision. 😇

But the key takeaway is – you too can do it. 

Just drop a comment below or simply schedule a demo >>here<<. 

Our team will get in touch with you soon. 

And hey, thank you for reading! 

Team EngageWith

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