SpringVerify Feature Release Updates – June 2021

SpringVerify Feature release Update

Background Verification is the holy grail when it comes to effective and safe hiring. Not only do background checks help employers choose the best candidate, but it also helps keep the organization safe and compliant with all legal requirements.

The National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) commissioned HR.com to run a nationwide survey on 1,528 human resources professionals belonging to different industries in the US. The result stated that background screening is a standard protocol followed by all HR leaders.

“96% of employers conduct at least one type of background screening.”NAPBS

And 76% of these employers conducted Professional License Verification. SpringVerify, our global background verification product has just released significant features through which employers can now :

  • Conduct Professional License Screening as a special add-on to any of the packages chosen
  • Archive or Delete candidates inside our built-in dashboard
  • Seamlessly integrate their system with SpringVerify’s API without hassle
  • Get a complete walkthrough of the BGV process with our “Get a Demo” feature
  • View the complete package breakdown including checks, cost and additional charges if any

Professional License Screening, an inevitable necessity

With the previous version of SpringVerify, employers were able to run ID, education, employment check, criminal record and MVR check seamlessly without any hassle. Now with the latest addition of Professional License Verification as a special add-on, employers can run checks catering to their specific needs.

There are huge benefits when it comes to verifying your candidate’s license or certification. When your employee’s credentials are amicably screened, your organization is hiring only qualified individuals, thereby protecting you from unwanted lawsuits. A Professional License normally contains the below information:

  • Type of License/Certification obtained
  • License number
  • Issued State 
  • Start & Expiration Date

Professional License Screening can help employers hire specially-trained candidates with a valid license suiting their unique needs. SpringVerify helps you screen your candidate’s professional license along with credentials, validity, and date of expiry. Professional License can be verified for roles such as:

  • Educators, tutors & teaching Professionals
  • Cleaning service providers (household, laundry)
  • Construction contractors ( plumbers, electricians and building planners)
  • Professionals in Healthcare industries (doctors, nurses and pharmacists)

Trust is the universal ingredient required for all kinds of professions, especially the person whom you choose to work with for a long time. And SpringVerify solidifies your trust by helping you choose only the best.

Archive or delete candidates as you wish 

Employers can now archive and delete candidates right inside our dashboard. This feature allows employers to make quick, effortless decisions without thinking twice.

Archiving does not allow the candidate to proceed further with the background verification process. This helps employers to own and control the entire process. Also, another added benefit is that SpringVerify displays the entire history of the candidates who are archived.

SpringVerify always keeps the user in mind. Deleting a candidate before signing up for the background screening process is something employers struggle with. And as an addition to the existing features, employers can now delete candidates inside the dashboard and the charged amount is refunded in this case.

Seamless integration with your HR system

Employers normally hate it when it takes hours to integrate software into their pre-built system. SpringVerify’s API is now more efficient, fast, and seamless than it has ever been. Employers can now seamlessly integrate SpringVerify’s API into their existing systems without turmoil.

In the latest update, SpringVerify makes it easy for users to locate all major checkpoints and important parameters while integrating to their systems. This feature alone saves major time and resources. The information provided is highly precise and accurate for developers to map their data too.

Get a Demo to know how SpringVerify works before running checks

Employers can now get to know how a background verification process works with SpringVerify before running the checks. This way it helps them to have a complete understanding of the product and to know what they’re getting into. This feature helps employers to understand how a BGV works and what is needed for a background verification to take place.

Employers have both the option of “Get a Demo” and “Skip Demo”. However, they can still run a demo by choosing the Demo option in the Navigation bar if they have opted to skip.

Additionally, this feature will give an insight of what each step does and what relevant action the employer needs to take for an amicable screening process. This helps the employers to be prepared in advance before initiating the background verification process.

Complete Package Breakdown  : Know what you pay for

Employers can now view the entire Payment made with detailed split-ups. Details covering the price of the package, add-on’s chosen can be easily found. In short, employers can keep track of their payment effortlessly with SpringVerify’s latest feature update.

This month we mainly focused on improving our client experience by making major changes in our API features which will help them navigate through SpringVerify seamlessly.

Stay tuned for SpringVerify’s upcoming feature releases next month.

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