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Reference Check Survey Template

A reference check survey can gather all of your reference questions in one place. It cut down your email and telephone communication and replace it with something more efficient.

This survey collects all the information you need related to their profile such as their role, skill set, and achievements.

Standard Reference Check Survey

Length: Between 10-15 questions

Frequency: When you hire someone

Ask specific survey questions that are proven to be accurate predictors of performance and turnover.

Why Run Reference Check Survey

Avoid bad hires
You can check a candidate’s references, verify for any fraudulent, and gather more detailed, candid feedback from more references about your candidates.

Avoid bad brand reputation
Bad incidents can have a lasting impact on an organization. Your employees are going to be your company’s face. Hence, hire the ones that you find worthy of your brand.

Find out how candidates work with others
Use reference checks to learn about candidates’ work relationships with managers, colleagues, direct reports, and clients.

Free Template: Reference Check Survey

Copy this template to your Google Drive and customize it for your own organization. Reuse the template immediately for your next Reference Check Survey.

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