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Employee Opinion Survey Template

An employee opinion survey enables the voice of employees. In this template, employee opinion surveys are used to understand clarity and communication during task allotment and general workplace matters.

Thus, it allows understanding about employee satisfaction and communication.

Standard Employee Opinion Survey

Length: Between 20-25 questions

Frequency: At least twice a year

- Measure at least five areas of an employee’s workplace communication and clarity
- Allow a clear reflection of employee’s views on ground-level communication in the workplace and ease of task allocation

Why Run Employee Opinion Survey

Ground-level communication
Measuring ease of communication on everyday tasks such as work allocation, communication with management, working conditions, etc., can help weed out any doubts and avoid conflict before it turns into a turnover crisis.

Organizational climate
Employee opinion surveys allow companies to gain insight into employee’s perceptions of company policies, corporate climate, or environment. This can be particularly handy during a cultural change or merger and acquisition.

Continuous improvement
Highlighting key areas of improvement enables various team-building exercises, conflict management sessions, etc.

Free Template: Employee Opinion Survey

This employee opinion survey is conducted to understand employees' strengths and weaknesses by measuring their satisfaction, attitude and other attributes in a range of cultural and performance areas. Copy this template to your Google Drive and customize it for your own organization. Reuse the template immediately for your next Employee Opinion Survey.

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